Changes which are needed to keep players playing

1.) Mounts should be added asap, as one of the very first new features. Traveling is quite horrible and walking around takes way too long
2.) The main story should not be gated by (difficult) group content, but allow anyone, also solo players, to see the final chapter.
3.) Dungeons in general should be open dungeons (means anyone can join through the entrance, a solo player or a premade group) and the mobs would be scaled down to actual group size. The open dungeon would matchmake players to existing players automatically.

That is all, beside that the game actually is very casual gamer friendly. Yet, dungeons as they are now build a brick wall many do not want to get through as long premade groups are a prerequisite. I recently played a level 35 corruption gate event and noone out of 10 players above level 29ish had a 2nd level azoth staff, as noone of them tried the main story line dungeon.

If the main quest stops to include solo players, these people are likely not to adapt, but will stop playing at some point if the brick wall holds them back from daily game tasks.


I agree with most of your points and yes, the game is very casual player friendly.
The only point I really don’t care much about (I mean, it would be nice, but unecessary, is point 1 (mounts).
There are fast travel shrines in the world, also you can fast travel to the Inn and when you get a house you also get a fast travel to it.
The shrines are close to the main questing hubs, once you start the first Azoth staff quest the amount of Azoth you get from the quests increases and if you don’t use the shrines you reach cap very quickly and then you have to spend it anyways.
I like running around, I mean, my bag fills up very quickly because I always find new stuff to harvest, but that’s the point of no mount, to explore.


As far as mounts go, I enjoy the running around. I don’t feel a lack of anything without mounts.

I agree with the dungeons.

I would also like to add to the game the ability to see my own name and company and title above my character. This is the first MMO I have found without that option.


I love the running around. Gives a big world feel. You see and find a lot, can harvest stuff while on the way. I think it’s perfect and not that bad.
I really hope they won’t add mounts or something. You can recall, fast travel (teleport). There was already another topic about this with a lot of reaction, it seems like the most players really dont want it


I agree with most of the above. Mounts would be cool but not a dire necessity. My one big change would be if you have to kill a spawned boss and skin it just put the skin in your loot bag. I watched 10 people kill the alligator and nine had to wait to do again until they skinned it. I like the game all around other than the skinning a mob everyone needs.


NO to all 3 points in my eyes will make game worse and people will leave anyway and game will be worse.


they are all horrible ideas


Love how the LAST 2 people above me just went " HELL Naww"! then didnt give ANY fair points on to why…what a joke… Can you people actually give feedback as to WHY? Not just NO smh… as for OP i agree with ALL of that. No complaints from me good sir!

why would i need to give my own points, im not making a post about what i think the game needs, purely that those changes would ruin the game.


Which part of the story is exactly the so called “difficult group content” ?? … Because so far (lvl 43) there was nothing difficult about story and only 1 dungeon, leading into 2nd now.

Dude, this is MMORPG, not SOLORPG game, if you want a game that you can play alone then dont play MMOs…

Also stop with mount bs, mounts are not needed what so ever.


I hate mounts collection and will make world smaller. Im up for mounts IF they remove portals :slight_smile: and have option to ROAD RIDE to next town.
MAin story SHOULD BE GATED actually more stuff should force players to Group its MMO not single plater game dont like it LEAVE
Open dungeons suck would be like in ESO go dam loot trains


1.) Mounts are unnecessary.
2.) The group content is easy, chances are you’re just under-leveled.
3.) The point of instanced dungeons is to make each encounter a curated experience. The more variables they can control (like player count), the more flexibility they have in encounter design.

It’s an MMO, you’re choosing to play a game built for thousands of people to play at a time. If you want to be solo for that experience so be it, but what you’re asking for is to diminish other players’ experiences in order to boost your own. There’s already an incredibly significant amount of solo-friendly content in the game.


Actually no it isnt, mounts could and most likely will add content to the game.

To be fair that is an “opinion” on said matter.

this is also true

HOW WOULD A MOUNT ADD CONTENT ? all it would do is stop normal pvp , if u want a mount go play wow. thjis is the first mmo that i think a mount would ruin it


We do not need mounts. Move along. We need an open world section where you need to be flagged for PVP to get into that has high end materials… With that said I know the pve babies will cry so loud about that.

Let me ask you this then, How does a “Loading Screen” add content?

Your opinion, as is mine for mounts deal with it!

New world PVP can be “toggled” NOT everyone likes PVP again deal with it.

Shaming language how amusing, Grow the F up, Seriously. SMH you people. Cant add nothing but “shaming language” and screams things like SJW “Your Toxic” etc. Grow up and contribute to the convo with ideas/solution. If you cant do that and wanna do said things i mention then just STFU and keep your comments to yourself. It’s not helping and makes the community look like trash.

  1. This will ruin pvp and settlement loyalty and screw a bit with the economy if it takes away from encumbrance. There’s already fast travel in the game and multiple ways to even make the travel cost free.
  2. Sort of understand this, but at the same point, if you over level I believe the dungeon can be soloable, need someone else to correct me on this if needed cause I can’t remember if there’s scaling.
  3. No please, this causes griefing and will make it harder for people to get the items they need.

Bet you’re going to ask for Dungeon Finder and Looking for Raid next?

Do you seriously complain that players have to do group content in MASSIVE MULTIPLAYER game?

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