Changing Faction / Faction Armor

Probably a silly question…

If you’ve got Faction Armor on - does it change to new faction when you change faction or do you have to grind all the levels again, grinding all the faction rep - to buy new faction gear?

you keep the armor you bought and it keeps its color and symbols, so if you were maruader and went to covenant it will still be green with marauder symbol, HOWEVER, your faction rep will start at 0, idk if you keep your tokens though

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The leveling of faction is fine - would hate to be level 40 - change faction and be naked though. lol

This is kind of cool.

Shame we don’t have some kind of skin-saving or transmog system to save these skins for use later. I could see myself playing each faction at least once on each character just for the experience.

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Another issue about changing though is if I do all missions and pvp achievements etc, move faction and do the same again, then get blocked from moving to final faction due to it having too many players already.

I wouldn’t mind doing all of the PvP missions each time. At level 60 you’d blow through them.

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