Changing servers EU recommend

Looking for a good populated English speaking server to change too, currently in Hyperborea which is 99% Russian/Ukranian.

Any recommendations on servers?
Best if there’s a functional economy and balanced faction sizes



cant really offer any help here as I have a lot of German speakers on my server (not a bother but I want to find the same)

if you find one with a small company that is social and friendly I’m up for going along,

oh and a free bump :wink:

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Would be interested to hear this.

Currently on Metsola, heavily Finnish although it’s not labelled as that.


Entire Vanaheim Xi cluster is Russian speaking, dont know why they wouldn’t mark it as such.


Lol maybe we should all use our token to move to the same server and start our own company

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Alastor is also 99% russian/ukrainian. Don’t know about other servers, don’t care enough to find out, but thought i’d warn you

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LMAO what tf, I got 10 new people on my company that switched servers hoping to find an English server.

I see all of you are in the same position, uhh is there ANYONE that has an English speaker server out here?

Also, I’m down to make a new company, mine is literally the only English-speaking company with around 50 members in the entire server.

I’m up for a move. I still have the free token so can save it.

it would be good to have a known group to level and do dungeon content with and not have to spam LFG. that’s an antiquated world of warcraft way of doing things.

if I could ask for 2 things from the devs,

  1. more forum pages for things like company recruitment by server and more
    2, in game dungeon queuing system
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ye i was lmaoing when i saw people confused using their only free switch and ending up in a Russian server again

Game needs servers tagged EN and PvP.


I moved to Annwyn turns out to be 90% Ruskie, 10% French.

Agreed with @Coffey they should of have had some servers tagged with EN.

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Still no suggestions for EN servers? wtf

joined an “en/fr” server where everything was French.

stop wasting your transfers guys wait till someone replies

People rolling on English speaking servers and then speak their native language in public channels should get suspended and or forcibly moved to a language locked one.

Its disrespectful.

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Can anyone offer information on Una-Bara and/or Ikoro?

There’s no servers labeled for most counties, so they have to join non-labeled/English ones

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There’s Polish, German, Spanish, Italian etc. Still I see those in chat on an English tagged realm.

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I thinks it’s because the people on good english servers don’t want a rush in new people joining making the servers que and maybe make it unbalanced. Why risk it with new people if you already have a good server?