Changing the faction is a problem

Hello! My English is bad :*(
I play on the Rocabarra server
, my character’s nickname is Linset
I ran into a problem related to the change of faction, the update clearly stated that the penalty for changing the faction from 120 days to 60 would be mitigated.
Nothing has changed for me, as it was 106 days, and it remains =(.
I changed the faction by mistake , I don 't know English well and I like to click on everything !
I really like the game, and I like playing in the same faction with friends even more, please help with this problem!

Hello @Linset,

Hope your day is well, the message that was sent from the Dev team is this Very soon, we will be reducing the time between faction switches from 120 days to 60 days, which should help move some people into underdog factions.
So it has not happened yet, very soon it will. [Dev Blog] Update on Current Issues #2

Have a lovely day, take care.

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