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Not sure if this has already been requested but I was wondering if it’s possible to add a way to change our character’s appearance in game (face, eyes, tattoos, hair and what not).
Either it’s a store coupon you can buy to modify your character’s look or in game npcs that allow us to do it I would greatly appreciate!


Don’t you worry, the barbershop/salon will be in the cash shop soon enough.


Ahhh so the hair clipping through the helmets was all so people would buy cosmetic changes. :upside_down_face:

I desire this as well.

Now that I’ve spent some time in the world, and seen many of its players, I’ve found that most of us have chosen the same hairstyle and hair color. This bugs me immensely, because I love character diversity. I really want to change the way my character looks. I’ve contemplated recreating it, but my server is currently locked, and I would not be able to get back in. A barber shop is a much more desirable option.

  1. Hair Style and Color need to be changeable in the world

  2. New hair styles and colors are desperately needed. The reason 70% of us seem to be rolling around with the same hairstyle is because, out of the already limited available options, only about 2 or 3 of them are, in my opinion, actually nice. There was an ethnic hair that I really loved, but I found out in beta, that when you zoom out, a large portion of the hair disappears into the skull. This is still the case, and is extremely disappointing.

  3. I know changing faces seems less “realistic” after creation, but I strongly desire that they continue to add new faces to the game. The currently available faces suffer the same problem as the hair styles: There’s not enough faces in general, and of the available faces, only about 4 or 5 get used.

  4. Adding new tattoos/beauty marks/make up is welcome

  5. Piercings would be fun.

There’s a lot of beauty and attention to detail in this game, except for when it comes to our characters. I’m not sure why less effort was put into this, when our characters are the single thing we’ll be looking at the most. And a large portion of players care A LOT about their appearance, and that of course doesn’t just apply to the armor they wear.

I think it would be in AGS’ best interest to start adding content for our characters that isn’t just weapon and armor skins, or furniture. As well as other, playable content of course.
I’m just very disappointed in the character creator, and would have liked my character be much more personalized for the beautiful world they are in.


This is a request since Beta, and a pretty basic feature in an MMO. AFAIK Amazon never gave any feedback about it.

Should be simple to make it available as the character have pretty little customizations.


Have they announced anything about it?

I’m…itching to know.


I laughed when I saw the hair selections in character creation. It took me a long time to decide on that haircut. I finally picked the most normal I could find.

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Nothing directly except that additional character customization would come after launch.


Hair was fine imo, problem was faces being too weird imo.

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Lova ya!

Yeah the faces too lol.

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I am interested in how long they will add this feature. There are even paints in the store, but it is impossible to change the face and hairstyle…

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I hope this comes soon. I’m really regretting my hair decision. It doesn’t suit my character the way I thought it would.


bruh i need this in my life i randomize my character untill i see a not ugly one cuase queue were so high i wanted to start the aue and go to work asap since i knew by the time i come back from work i would still be on queue.

i regret not spending more time on my character creation so much

amazon please we need this


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