Character cap on server

Hey my friend just got the game and he cant even join the queue because of a characters created cap, is there any way around this or can we just not play together on the specific server.

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New thing amazon is trying to do.

If your server doesnt have a queue, at least as I understand Amazons post, character creation will be opened back up. If it is a perma queue srver then you are SOL

Are you going to deal with all of those that never logoff and use mechanisms to circumvent AFK timer or its that being totally ignored?

Who is this question being addressed to? And i dont really see what the question has to do with locked character creation.

The question seemed aimed at amazon

But, character locked and que time are really closely connected actually. The reason for a character cap is to cap que times. So if there was no people in que then teh character cap would be unlocked etc.

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