Character creation locked on all servers/regions

That doesn’t sound good at all


“Everything that has a beginning has an end , Neo.”


im thinking its to implement an anti bot account creation thing, but not 100% sure.


Perhaps it’s a temporary solution to the gold sellers making new throwaway characters every hour to spam us with garbage in global and avoid our block/mutes.

It doesn’t have to be bad, unless you just bought the game today, then its going to suck.


Sure it has the potential to be good,. Interesting to see how this pans out


Hopefully! It’s been getting really bad lately in my server where it seems the flow went from slowing to being double the rate >.>

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If it’s in any way to combat the bot plague, I am 100% down.


I only worry that real accounts will get caught up in what seems to be a bot purge. Cause it just seems to fit what happens in this game.

I’m hoping it’s a pause to put in place an anti-bot solution…

Anything would be wonderful at this point, they’re everywhere.


and kill any new players coming in?

who are we kidding, no one will be joining this game now XD


Today is turning out to be one hell of a knee slapper. What could possibly happen next LOL

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More time gating content? xD

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There weren’t enough time gates so they added a character creation time gate too


And here we go … again. Another great solution by AGS.


by disabling character creation there is now a new bug that dupes your character’s gold and items. Elysian will be first to exploit it and say they didn’t do anything wrong. their just better than you is all.

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:rofl: that guy trying to get his free server transfer token out of this as if he was somehow inconvenienced by not being able to create a new character for a short period of time.

didnt work in those other threads so lets try it in this one.

comedy gold.

Why does it matter? There’s a very low chance that someone has just bought the game 30 minutes ago. But if they did its gonna suck for them and they’ll have to wait a day or maybe even longer. This is clearly about bots tho, maybe they’ll implement some anti bot things

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what a bunch of clowns these devs are. And my post saying almost the same exact thing mysteriously was deleted. LOL.


People think they are going to do something about bots…? Lol

I guarantee you it’s technical and the users will get nothing out of this.