Character creation locked on all servers/regions

The announcement doesn’t sound planned which isn’t good.

Rip to the one person who just bought the game and can’t figure out why they can’t play the game


The spammer accounts are not the problem they are like one every few days. Its the farm bots and mule accounts that is the big problem.

The other issue is that these illegal accounts now make a sizable portion of the reported player numbers…

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It also comes after a Monday of silence from the team too… pretty nervy times.

well i cant even logg to my account . says connection error .

I think this is for a different purpose. If they want to target bots they should implement a ban instead of a character block, this shouldn’t affect them too much. I still see them running around in a lot of places, especially the starting point

Very odd I must say…
Char dupe bug? :smiley:

Is anyone able to log back in? It kicked me out mid-game without any warning messages whatsoever. Now it says Char Creation temp disabled, but does not allow logging in?!

if they notice, at almost every starting point there is a very large number of bots and they grow in level very quickly

Roll Back coming so they don’t want anyone to start now :joy:

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Are any of you logged into the game?


why tho??

Yaxche - US East no problem logging in here.

For sure, it is linked to bot.
But the reason why is uncertain.

I really hope they are deploying something against bot, price are dropping on my server, like iron 0.1, motes 0.5 ( -50% in few days ), green wood 0.05 …
I just went outside everfall, found 2 bot, lvl 40, mining stone and iron. I try to pull them wolf, but they killed wolf, we can’t do anything …

Please, AGS, make new world pvp on only and let us kill those motherf…


I’ve got my :popcorn: ready. I hope this is a good one.


what they are doing is not targeting bots purely they are targeting accounts created to transfer gold

It was a Federal Holiday yesterday. They may have been off.

The optimism that something positive is happening is killing me. :smile:


Actually losing players such as yourself is a net gain…