Character creation locked on all servers/regions

This is most likely the situation. This weeks patch will probably set gold limits per character level as well.

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didn’t just buy the game but i did just install it :rofl: :smiling_face_with_tear: :smiling_face_with_tear:


My farm routes were full of nodes. Like what I’m seeing so far.

My guess: AGS is preparing for a “free-to-play weekend”, but they don’t want to be overwhelmed by new players, so they disabled character creation to make life easier.

If it is to correct the bot problem, I am down. go into any server’s starting area and they are like termites you can’t get rid of, eating all of the resources and just being so obvious, it’s like they are saying FU to all of the players who don’t f’ing cheat.

Bots are getting bopped. lol this is amazing move.

Most characters don’t have all that much gold. Its the company revenue from holding major settlements has caused most problems leading to the point where dominant companies can fund everyone in their company to get best gear, max professions. Then buying up all the stuff and manipulating the prices of everything.

Anyway as for bots, as they haven’t been banning them they might have just been spending a long time figuring out bot-seller networks across servers. They cant just ban the farm bots they need to figure out the mules and seller accounts too.

HAHA no new Bots, or Characters to spam Gold Selling.

Yeah my hope is that they are setting up some bot swatters, or at least seeing if what they are doing to combat botting is working at all or not.

Stop the bots for a day see if what we were doing is working. Figure it out from there.

Overwhelmed by new players…this thread is comedy gold.


Fun for you is breeding negativity? Sounds boring, I’m getting better at pvp. You do you though, boo.

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These are true words.

Either support they are doing something to hopefully help with some major issue, whatever it may be. Or don’t.

No need to be hateful towards AGS or community members. We asked for something to change, maybe this is it.


Agree about company owning major cities, but, I don’t understand how it could crash the price of basic component.
Bot are pushing too much ressources regarding the demand, and it needs to be fixed.
Big company are selling gold to gold seller, bot are selling ressources for gold, we all knows that.

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look despite what people think the dev team has been making strides in the right direction in alot of cases lately so lets just see where this goes.


My gf just bought the game and she can’t play. 3 months asking her to play with me. Now she wants a refund. Great game.

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Just downloaded the game, and logged into this. It’s exciting to feel the true experience of an MMORPG!


If you’ve both waited three months, surely you can wait a day or whatever longer?

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I agree. I preordered the game and just now got a computer to run it. This small setback when compared to the amount of time I will be playing!


This made my day : )

Did they really need to announce this for the 2 folks that are creating new characters this week?