Character creation locked on all servers/regions

I’m glad you find something that is not boring for you to do in-game. Can’t say that for myself anymore for a number of reasons I already said in other threads

I feel like they know this game isn’t ready for me yet.

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Darth Vader is Luke’s father…

Sorry, I didn’t read those threads. Pvp is fun, although frustrating at times. Mostly fun though. The pve is the same thing over and over, I’ve gotten quite bored of that and can only muster maybe 1 run a week, crippling my expertise. This game has issues, we all know it. I’ll eventually leave if stuff doesn’t get fixed or take a break, who knows. When I do though, I’m not going to come back to the forums for entertainment. I only come to the forums if I’m away from my computer.

Wondered why I hadn’t seen as many coin sellers this evening. That’s one way I suppose.

Oh well we all do different things to burn time. I mostly youtube and check a number of forums to see whats going on =D

I just logged out and have been log in trouble free for many hours. There was a lag spike that lasted about 2/3 minutes a few hours ago. Other that that, everything was fine.

Haha great quote… but this isn’t the end.


We had off for the holiday.


I still see new players coming. Be toxic, be a constant downer, but people are still joining to try out this game since some people find it to be fun.

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Yup! Just like many others, this one has issues, and things like this usually take a SINGLE DAY.

A clown for what? Handling issues that they have admitted?

Hi and welcome back. You muricans sure do have alot of holidays :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Please don’t keep us in the dark on this situation for too long please.

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Hey now, I’m definitely not complaing about our holidays… although I do remember a coworker who lived in Berlin had SO MANY more holidays off, so who knows.

And I promise you, as soon as I have information that I can share with you all, I will let you know. But it’s absolutely not New World shutting down.


My friend decided to buy the game today to start playing and this was posted while his game was downloading… =(

He’s saving his life and mental health, u should be happy!

Sad, really

I literally had my wife download the game for me today while I was at work since I finally decided to give it a try thinking some of the bugs have been fixed and I get home to this message…

Just tell us, it’s more time gaping content, am I right? I’m so excited xD

Good to see you back @Shadow_Fox :heart: