Character deleted? and no servers to select from

I’ve put over hundreds of hours a week into this game since launch, and when I went to login today it seems my character is gone from the server I’ve been playing on. The game client is prompting me to select from a blank server list to create a character it seems… Not sure what is going on here, can someone please address if my character is actually deleted? And or if I am able to play the game at all…

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It is everyone atm. We are in stand by mode until we hear from the devs

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I’m sorry for this situation with New World but We are experiencing an issue with the server US East.

Our Dev team are working hard to fix this issue. You can also check [Notice] Server Issues There you will find more information.


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Yes, you were cheating. You’ve been a bad boy.

Oh, wait:

I force the same Issue on EU server

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