Character gone after server merger

My Character who was on Yggdrasil is no longer shows up on my character selection screen at all. During the merger and for a couple of hours after it was “complete” there was a world under maintenance message next to that character. Now it is just gone and the character creation button is there in its place. This was a level 60 character on yggdrasil…character name Boh. any info on this would be appreciated


I would encourage contacting support. They should be able to look into that for you.

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i did…they told me there is a character by that name on castle of steel who is lvl 31 somehow…lol

lol. I would try again, maybe they typed it wrong?

Can verify this character was level 60 for months, was on ygg and we have video evidence and screenshots proving so.

If AGS cant find this they should pay him back the cost of the game, the cost of all of his hours etc. Absurd.

someone checked…there is legit somehow a character on castle of steel with the same name who is lvl 31 somehow

Upping this and confirming the truth in this matter that this is a valid player and character (can show proof in previous war scoreboards if needed to be pulled). The amount of time I know this individual put into this account… this issue needs to be solved with the help it deserves!

Thank you!

Hi @bohlvai,

I am sorry to read one of your characters disappeared from your character selection screen after the merge, I searched the name of your Character “Boh” and there is indeed reflecting only one character lvl 31 under that name in Castle of Steel.

Do you have any other character in your account to pull that up and do some research in it to try to locate your missing character?


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i have a character named Bohfa Deese on US west el dorado and a character named Bohfa Deeeze on US west isabella as well. thank you

Hi @bohlvai,

Thanks for the information, i just confirmed there is a character named Boh lvl 60 in your account, can you please run a Steam Integrity Check Steam Support :: Verify Integrity of Game Files?

If the character doesn’t show up, can you send me a picture of your character selection screen?, so I can escalate this issue please.


i also included a screen shot of my company info since the member numbers dont match up and are off by one…i assume im the missing member. company name is farmaceuticals. running the integrity check did not work btw. thank you

Hi @bohlvai,

Thanks for the picture, I just escalated this issue for further assistance, I kindly ask you some time to get an answer from the corresponding team and I will keep you posted here.



thanks… appreciate you

Das not mateer , day before yesterday i crate charaxter on nysa, yesterday tartarus got merget into nysa ;D so now i have my old lvl 60 and my new lvl 6 on nysa ;D so character lvl or time is not supose to be efected, maybe is just a bug

This has absolutely nothing to do with the topic or my comment. Congrats I guess?

OP had you played the level 60 character recently? I wonder if it’s not some artifact of them introducing the code a few updates ago that caused characters not logged in, in so many days/months to have to choose a new server.

i was very active on the character…would log on almost daily

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and my old server was merged into a different one …once the merger was complete the character was gone

The next intersting thing is they verified a character with that name exists on CoS - names are unique. This indicates a breakdown of name inforcement likely in conjunction with the time of a merge taking place. I bet the level 30 on that other server was created during the merge window. Name code would predate the merge code and I bet it’s looking at a viewer of online server data to test if a new character name is available. Those servers being down and merged their dataset wouldn’t be live, potentially.

no…they had that information… the other “boh” was created in oct of 2022. ive had the name on my account since launch