Character models possibly causing power spikes

After putting a few days in and turning my lounge room into an oven that smells of hot plastic decided to do some testing to see how best to avoid the power spiking that is causing issues for high end cards and i noticed something odd.
I did my testing outside everfall with msi afterburner running on the second screen with the power limit % and and watts usage monitor up so i could watch what causes changes in power usage.

When standing outside town walls facing the camera away from town and in a direction where there are no players and just leaving the camera still power limit % would stay reasonably stable but with some small spikes, but then i noticed if someone runs into view there would be a large spike in power % often above the limit i set which then would bottom out the power % bellow where it normally sat then spike again not as high then dip again until it evened back out.

So i then decided to test wether it was the characters causing the spikes so i run off away from town into the bush and as long as no other players came into view the power limit % would become the most stable with the line on the msi graph almost flatlining regardless of where i look or how fast i move the camera around.

I then decided to see what happened if i went back into everfall to see what happens when there are alot of people on screen, running into the town without looking away the power % stayed within reason i assume its because its loading everything in at the same time but once i was in the center of town at the well, turning the camera fast to see new characters that werent visible before caused spikes. Power spikes also occurred on the cpu cranking all the fans and temps to go into the 80+ degree range which is 3d rendering territory for my pc for short amounts of time during spikes.

I can only assume that the way characters are loaded in isnt playing nice with hardware, I have a ryzen 5800x cpu, 32gb cl14 memory, 3080 gpu with nvme hdd. The computer must be running into a engine bottleneck of some sort because the different at high vs ultra graphics at 1440p is ~15fps at most but usually less. My average frame rate regardless of whats happening seems to be around 80fps in town and 130fps out of town.

I have also found i can limit cpu max power limit setting to 99 disabling boost clocks and reducing temps by 20-30 degrees and goes from running at average 90w spiking to 130w to running at 40w spiking to 80w. I can also limit gpu power limit % down to 70% before any major impacts can be noticed but i run at 80% for the headroom as spikes still hit up to 95% and with a lost range of nothing up to 10 fps at most compared to letting the cpu and gpu run full tilt.

It would be interest if anyone else can do these tests to see if its repeatable or maybe its just me.

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