Character Restoration

Hello, I had a character level 9 on Uku Pacha, and I had rolled Covenant. One of our friends had accidentally gone Marauder, and another had not chosen a faction. Thinking I could at some point re-roll my character to join them as Marauder (and not knowing I could swap factions once), I chose to delete my character. I have not been able to re-create my character on Uku Pacha for like 4 days now, as it appears I did this on Thursday or Friday when they started locking servers.

I had just found out another player recently swapped factions, and that leads me to believe I did not need to delete my character to play Marauder with my friends–I simply could of done a faction swap and been locked for 120 days switching.

At this point in time, without a character restore, I’m not sure i’ll be able to play Marauder with my friends–without using my second (2/2) character slot on the West server region, which would deny me the opportunity to play a character on a different faction, like everyone else is capable of. And I would still not be able to roll on Uku Pacha…

Thank you for your time and I hope there is something that can be done.

Hi, hope your enjoying the game!

@StinkyBagel thanks for explain your issue detailed, i would like to check if restoration is possible for your character in Uku Pacha.

Can you please send me privade message with the name of the character deleted??

Have a nice day!!!

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