Character somehow deleted

I just returned to the game and all my characters have been deleted, I contacted live support for them to tell me my account with 1500+ hours has no information on any of my character, I would like to get my character recovered so I can come back and start playing again. I last played towards the end of October and haven’t played since then.

Character: izma
Server: Eridu
Faction: Syndicate

Could you ensure you are in the AP Southeast region in New World? Do you have a screenshot from back in October to ensure that you had the exact right name for them to look up?

I have always played on the AP southeast server but I don’t have screenshots of my character at all, it seems since my character was deleted someone on a different server/region has used the same name so they cannot find the details to my original character…

I was talking about the actual region selector on the main menu. I’ve seen that in the past.

You could try creating a new character with a unique name to see if that’ll let them look up your account, but it’s somewhat unlikely that they’ll be able to recover it if someone took the name.

They can look up the account fine but purely because someone else has used the name since everything related to my account seems to be wiped in terms of the character information on there end so i’m assuming everything is lost at this point.

There are issues with this after the last wave of server mergers… it’s not just you if this is what is happening

Also seems if a character has been deleted or anything prior to a server merge all data is lost corresponding to said characters.

i have played this character since launch without deleting or taking an extended break (more than 4 weeks) or anything…not sure how another character was made with the same name …they seemed to think it wasnt possible for that to happen (2 characters with the same name) when i proved otherwise…

Yea i’m pretty shocked at this point after speaking to support for 2+ hours, One that my characters have disappeared with no trace of existing with 1500+ hours of playtime and now being told that because of a server merger and someone else somehow having my characters name there’s now zero chance of any character restoration…

i have been waiting for almost 2 weeks and they havent told me anything other than they are looking into it…maybe thats why…they are afraid to break the bad news? lol

it looks like in your case maybe the inactivity released the names you chose and the merge lost them? that would suck…i have no clue though how someone was able to duplicate my characters name on a very active character

Yea I don’t know what to say honestly, expect the worst at this point.

Hello @izma

Hope you are doing great and I apologize about this situation clearly is a complicated one.
I can confirm that the character found with that information is different than the one you described.
I would not like to guess or confirm the problem at this point since I can not do it with my tools. I will scalate the case and come back as soon as I have an answer.

I appreciate you understanding adventurer!

Izma! That sounds like a familiar name from APSE! I really hope they are able to refind your account data, This last wave of merges sounds like a huge let down.

Customer Support - #12 by MoonM I created a post highlighting the let down that is customer support. They need to do & be better.

Hey @izma

I would like to request some important information to continue the investigation.!

Can you share a picture of your character selection screen and if you have any other prove of your character izma it would be helpfull.
By the way I would not like to guess about your level. Can confirm that your character was level 60?

Thank you for your patience!

My character was level 60 with almost all trade skills 200+, these are the only photos I could find that would provide any use.

#boh :slight_smile:

Thank you @izma Be sure to add one screenshoot of the character selection screen before entering to Aeternum we will need it for further investigation!

Hey @izma

Thank you so much for adding this information I have passed all to the team and will be back to you as soon as we have an answer!

Thank you for your patience!