Character Status Sheet

Looking at Character stats and noticed a lack of information. Would like to see an advanced stats tab or a better list of stats that also includes active buffs and debuffs.
Just a few things i’d like to see on the stats.

A clarification on resists, percentages, what they mean to the player. Also include crit resists.
Show crit chance and crit damage multipliers.
How much your attributes have buffed you EG: base value then modified value.
How much of a particular modifier is effecting your stats. EG: luck build, how much luck you have stacked and to show diminishing returns if any.
Penetration if applicable.
Active buffs instead of just on the main UI as some buffs move off screen when using multiple potions/foods.

These are just some of the things i’d like to see in a character status sheet. Feel free to comment and add what you’d like to see.

Thanks for your time.

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