Character transfer on Cross Region?

i didnt get the right answer so im asking again WILL IT BE POSSIBLE TO TRANSFER CHARACTER ON CROSS REGIONS ? For example EAST US to EU CENTRAL … Simple question guys please answer cuz lot of poeple are looking for this answer and YEAH i know u got topic where u are saying everyone will get free transfer of their choice at no cost but there is nothing about cross reagions and thats what I / WE want to know so please … give me right answer


They’ve stated on their tweet that yes, you can switch across regions.


can u send me a link ? cuz i couldnt find anything

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Hellos @MarshallKing !

We’ll offer an opportunity in the next two weeks for all players to relocate their characters to a new server of their choice at no cost.
You can find more information here:

We appreciate your patience and thank you for joining us in this adventure trough Aeternum!

But there is noothing about CROSS REGIONS Mate and thats the MAIN QUESTION :smiley: … i know we will be able to switch between servers IN SAME REGION but it will work also in cross REGIONS ?


I apologize, I did not understand the first time. We do not have a region change system, you can play in other regions but you would have to start over with a new character.


Finally THANK YOU MATE :smiley: … so i will better wait in QUEUE then … have a good one

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But the twitter post stated otherwise. Are you sure of this?

This launch is a complete mess, not even in the employees know what is going on. Camulos how can you say that you won’t be able to transfer between regions, when the official twitter said that you can when asked about it in response to the free migration tweet?


Who is lying here?

No one is lying technically. They are right you can move between regions. You just can’t play with the same character across regions.

Now you and I both understand that is what is meant by the the question, but in their corpo minds, they have answered the question fully.

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I created a character on a US East server due every single EU server has more people queuing than playing.

Pls, can you confirm that I wont be able to transfer my character from US East server to EU server? If thats the case I’ll have to stop playing till the EU queues turns something normal.

EU completely implayable so far.


did I understand this correctly? I can use my server transfer to switch my character from an US server to an EU server, however, I would need to start from the beginning, meaning my progress is lost. or will I be able to switch regions, maintaining my progress?

the official twitter account of new world stated we can move between regions if we want… therefor i made a character on a different region… which i already spend 20 hours on… if i’m not able to transfer to a diff region i’d be really pissed


From my understanding, YOU can move between regions… that means you can play in any region you want, but you won’t be able to play with the same character. If you want to play in another region, you need to make a new char. But yea, it would be good if they can clarify, because “you can move between regions if you want” is really confusing.

Let me clarify things for u guy cuz it looks like u dont understand :smiley:

The post on Twitter saying U CAN MOVE BETWEEN REGIONS there is nothing about transfering characters its about moving like for example I will decide that im goona play on EU so i will move from US to EU. and thats it not that hard to understand …

But as u can see @Camulos said THEY DONT HAVE region change system so it means u cant TRANSFER YOUR CHAR from Another Region BUT U CAN MOVE FROM REGION TO ANOTHER ONE …ň

so i hope everyone will clearly understand after this one… and i hope this will help u … gl hf a have a nice day all of u out there Cya

they tweet out about free server transfers where a person comments “will we also be able to switch regions” which is obviously directed to the free server transfers if it will also allow region transfer…

how stupid do u have to be to not understand that persons question? no fucking shit we can swap regions if we make a complete new character… amazon support is on a whole different level


What kind of incompetent are you? On Twitter you have said that a change between regions would be possible, many of us became characters outside of Europe to be able to play due to your tweet and the queues that were formed by your terrible management. Now are you coming to us? Unacceptable, you better comply with what you have said. Right now if I had you in front of you I would say more than words.


Buenos días asistencia de New world, podeis aclarar ya este tema. Necesitamos saber si vamos a poder migrar nuestro pj entre regiones o no.

@Camulos via twitter it was confirmen to switch between regions… i got 50 hours on us east, cause eu wasnt playable… and i think im not the only one who has seen this post…

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Same for me :frowning: