Character Transfer?>!>?!

When I FIRST got in the game, I cannot create my character in any East Coast server. I was forced to create one in a random West Coast server. Now that character transfer is available, I cannot transfer where my friends are in an East Coast (EST time) server due to the geographic location limitation.

Why am I penalized for this when it was not my fault that in the beginning, the servers could not accomodate enough players?!?!

Will this ever be resolved or will character servers to other time zones ever be allowed?

And yes, I would be willing to pay $ for a proper character transfer to any time zone.

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Umm didn’t they add new servers to all regions within like 72 hours of release? Could you not have re-rolled on an east server then?

And I may be mistaken but I’m pretty sure they were upfront about transfers being region restricted. If that was the case why did you continue to log 600 hours in a region you didn’t want to be in?

Your situation sucks but could of been mitigated had you been proactive.

I was already at level 30 when the transfers were allowed and I am NOT going to reroll a new character at level 1. My wife also joined in the same server and we were both at 30 so transfer was the only way we would do it.

I am one of the few gamers that DO NOT roll ALTs or restart a character. Like in WoW that I have played in for the last 12 years, I only have a character and never liked an ALT.

Time invested was pretty high already and started from the beginning, especially with a good healthy bank roll - which I would have lost was not an option.

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Also, all of this character info is just in a database so why not just move it to whatever server a player wanted? AND I am willing to pay $ for a proper transfer.

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I believe the problem is persistancy issues with housing from transfers. I believe that all transfers are actually on hold atm, even for those with a token.

Also I get that you were 30 when the tokens were released but every region had additional servers within 72 hours of launch.

You couldn’t have had that much time invested by then could you? That would of been the time to re-roll.

To each his own. I NEVER re-roll a character in any RPG. I just don’t like it once I start one. To you, sounds like re-rolling will work but for me, nah. I just don’t like it, especially if I have already invested hours on one.

Again, I would not have minded a paid transfer to any server and I hope they would do that soon, as I hate being in a west coast server - especially if I did not have a choice at the beginning.

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I agree, west coast servers are terrible, West coast gamers are pretty annoying too. Hold out friend, they had a Twitter post saying they were looking into regional transfers. I am no expert but everything in game seems to be tied to their client clock matching the server clock to validate everything. So we need for them to figure out how to send you and your gear back to the future.

I wish you and your wife luck!

Id hold off asking for it until the server transfer is re-enabled as 24 hours ago they disabled server transfers

they bin telling everyone there was no transfer tokens and they bin disabled for over a month that they couldn let people transfer do to issuies with things but then this post means there has bin transfers available just not letting people with accedental transfer have a secound one is complete BS

LuxendraCommunity Manager


Greetings Adventurers,

We have temporarily disabled world transfers while we investigate a recently discovered issue which is exacerbated by the transfer feature. This only affects players that have an existing server transfer token. We will provide an update once we have re-enabled the feature.

Thank you for your understanding!


That word… you are using it wrong.

The word you are looking for is been.

congrats grammer patrol you acually took the time and effort to post that? pretty sad

Just trying to help you out my dude. Don’t be salty about it.

Friend, do you have any idea when they’ll turn on the transfer again?

The correct word is told, “they told everyone there were no transfers” I know most of you guys are foreign botters so just looking out :slight_smile:

Well then it’s your own stubborn attitude that got you into this mess then. It doesn’t take long to reroll to lvl 30. You CHOSE not too, despite the info they gave, so you are in this due to your own actions. Can’t really complain.

well im 60 with 600gs over 800 hours play time 3 houses with major trophies 200 in almost all crafting skills so yeah im not rerolling

It’s allmost a week now, hope it will be activated soon again

Hello @darken!

I am really sorry that you are unable to transfer to a different server.Currently server transfer is on hold.You can follow our thread here for the updates regarding server transfer in future:

Hope this helps,Have a Great Day! :slight_smile: