Character transfering returning player

Character Name : Crystalbella
Server/World Name : castle of steel
trying since yesterday

cant seem to transfer having that trading post bug, i heard some got it fixed by puting info in that format.
help please so i can come back to game with friends

Hello, @jaja1.

I hope you are doing good.

I’m sorry that you are unable to transfer your character to a different world.

This is to inform you that we’ve already identified that some players are unable to transfer their character to a different world due to active contracts in the trading post despite not having any. The dev team has been looking closely into this issue.

As of 8/5/2022 - Fix already verified and tested, will be live with the new update, mostly middle of this coming week. The same will be updated in the Official News section once it is deployed.

I hope this information helps.

Have a great weekend! ★

lets hope it works

Try this until they can get the patch out its a good workaround.

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