Character transferr

Did I say he was a developer for AG (not AGS)? No. But you did.

And you? YOu have brought nothing to argue with. ONly things you use are “Cause I said so” drab. And with your recent example, a problem comprehending what is typed?

Guys, is there always something to discuss?
This way New World staff will never take our feedback seriously.
My character is on Crassus, it’s 01:54 and right now there are 97 players connected, now if they don’t take action on this matter those 97 characters will also leave the server, because rightly playing with NPCs gets boring after a while.

Redoing all the 625 upgrades, trophies etc nobody would think of recreating a new character, unless they are one who literally has their life attached to a computer.
Why is the token not possible to use between new servers?
What are the staff thinking about?
Are they already thinking about the new MMORPG they are about to release as publishers of Throne and Liberty?
It’s not right.

Exactly. This prisoner kid just feels the need to reply over and over and over that it’s our fault we chose the server. Or it’s our fault cuz we haven’t leveled up and farmed equip for 6 different chars on 6 different servers. I’m really not sure why he hasn’t been banned yet as all he does is instigate arguments in every thread he’s in.