Character Unable to Move After OPR Respawn

OPR is over literally can’t move like even people around me can see the run animation and I still can’t physically move except for if I jump then I can sluggishly move for a few seconds before becoming rooted again.

Character: Vile Legacy
Realm: Pluto

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Things i’ve tried

Game Restart
Drowning myself
fast travel
using abilities
taking all my armor off putting it back on

no matter what i do i still can’t move unless I jump and then i can only move in the direction that i jumped.

validated files nothing was wrong but was logged out for a more prolonged amount of time. Logged back in character is moving now going to submit a bug report something happened here.

HI @VileLegacy !

I hope you are good!

I will report this immediately from my end, as it is most definitely a bug.

Also please go here and report it from your perspective too with all the information required.

Take care!

I have a same problem: OPR, hard fight, death, unable to move forward exept jumping (moving back is OK) after respawn. Problem did n`t away after OPR end.
Reloging for 10mins+ helped. Thx for advice.

also still a bug, bugged me and a few members in our war

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