Chardis Armor - Incorrect Model?

This is what the Chardis Armor set looks like atm

Which is the exact same as the Lazarus Heavy BoP armor set “Guardian Plate”

When Mutations where first released, the icon for the Chardis armor set indicated that we should have a unique model that looks like Cilla. However, even back then the actual armor had the wrong visuals. I think someone tried to “Fix” the issue and changed the icons instead of changing the actual armor.


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Thanks! I’ll let the team know about it.

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Bump - just keeping the topic alive as it’s not yet resolved on live or PTR

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Bump - Keeping the topic alive until resolved.

Just some more support to my theory;

  • The armor names use keywords like “Headdress”, “Chestwrap”, “Handwrap”, “Legwrap”, and “Footwrap”
  • This is more in line with the older icon images rather than the ones used on Live/PTR atm.

I guess one might wonder why bandages would be “Heavy Armor”

  • I’m guessing the flavor text is a nod to this “…Very Heavily Enchanted”

It is kind of odd that it is called “Chardis” set when it looks more like “Cilla” though

Bump to keep this up on the radar.

So… I wonder if the “Old Chardis” icon was meant to be a set of armor dropped from Cilla?

Much like how Tempest has Neishatun and they have their own armor set.

So… That means the “Chardis” mutation set should be a completely different THIRD set that resembles… Chardis?

I hope the armor set isn’t just intentionally forgotten about to just be used for Brimstone Sands…

I was bummed when you guys changed the Harbinger armor set design ( originally looked like what we have now in Mutated Dynasty ). You guys never gave a different visual between the new light/heavy Harbinger.