Chardis gear drops

Just wanted to know if this is still accurate?

I ask cause I would like to get the boots n gloves but dont really feel up to running m10.

Often, when I run M10 Laz, I get two pieces of Chardis gear. Depends on if that lottery gamble is worth your time or not.

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I do expedition with my company and we are not geared for m10 so thus the question if the glove n boots do really drop at those m levels in the quote?

nwdatabase doesnt specify.

Chardis Pieces drop at any mutated level


Cool thanks peeps!

I had in my head for some reason chardis gear only dropped on m10 or somesuch

After 10 runs varying between m1 and m4 the chardis gloves dropped for on m3, the tenth run.

One of my mates got the chardis chest piece.

I got chardis chest from an M4 so it is not correct

It’s not right… and it has changed in the current run I have gotten at least one drop at all of the levels(use to only drop at m10), but I think I got a few helmet drops at m4-m7 don’t know the exact one but I was helping with a ladder climb.

It never used to drop ONLY on M10 it was just incredibly rare and at some point recently had its drop rate increased. I definitely had my full set long before I was running M10s but now that I can run M10 it drops like almost every kill.


im only doing m10 these days and i get it in every run. different pieces.

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Just play a bit with mutation level (on the left)

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Ran a depths m1 got the exped capts chest piece then on the next run we ran a m2 and I got the exped capt boots…lol What a good start lol

Isn’t Chardis a joke of a boss and one of the easiest Expedition bosses to complete.

The quoted text was actually a request for this to be added into the game, it is not a reflection of the actual in-game experience.

Whats your point in the context of this thread?

The thread was about the chardis drops and if they drop in lower muts, not about difficulty and the questions has been answered tbh, they can indeed drop even on m1.

You can change the mutation level on the left and all info: drops, mobs and bosses HP, etc will change accordingly

Same tool available for all expeditions

Because the point of you not wanting to do M10’s if it’s an Easy boss to kill then there is zero problem you need help with since the only problem that now exists is a question of How lazy you are.

Your point isn’t relevant beyond being judgemental. I run with my company and the group decides the mut lvl together.