Chat bug is making me so sad

How come you cannot fix this chat for 3 months?

This is a small bug that makes us relog after OPR or expedition.
How? 3 months? :frowning:

Maybe they think PvP players should not have rights to express themselfs on public? :smiley:

But at this point I am not really sure if I killed more players or wolves, so hard to tell to which camp I belong anymore. :smiley:

This paid beta is making me sad.
So many poor choices, so many things broken, it sucks when the chat breaks but it sucks even more when you get movement bugged in a pvp game and can’t move, and you cannot relog because you will get kicked out of a war or OPR and eat a 1 hour punishment.
Or what about when you get respawn bugged and cannot respawn in OPR then you get kicked offline for inactivity and get a 1 hour punishment for it.

I feel you, everything except cannot move not only once made my nerves play symphony, but still, u can go play something better, if you know about anything :smiley: because even with all this shit I dont atm…

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