Chat censorship, my username can not be typed

As of today, they introduced some kind of censorship against certain phrases and words. The problem is, that it seems like some letters get banned all together and will cause your message to autodelete when sent. The cursed letter seems to be V. Cant type ‘Pvp’, ‘PvE’, ‘Devs’ or anything. Even my ingame username Flevine can’t be mentioned because of this censorship that went south. I am now ‘the one who shall not be named’ in my company. I can’t be tagged or even mentioned. Some words seem to have been whitelisted however, like ‘have’, ‘invite’ etc, but any other use of V will cause your message to just disappear into the void.

So I would like for the censorship to be revoke, till it works as intended.
I don’t want to be ‘the one who shall not be named’ :smiley:

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Yep, there’s a whole bunch of things that can’t be typed - and the letter “v” seems to be one of the frequent issues. It’s sad that in an attempt to quickfix a serious security issue with chat, a programmer’s lack of testing caused another major problem.

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In game chat is cancer anyway. Bunch of racist incels just insulting each other. Use discord.

Yes I have global muted, but we use company chat a lot and I like to be able to talk like a normal person in there. I’m not gonna switch to discord every second to talk to my company members (we don’t use voice). This needs to be fixed, not avoided.

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I always leave it on for the laughs and for the occasional good humored trash talk. There’s the immature trash talk but it’s the price I pay to maintain access to the good part.

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