Chat channels are greyed out but I can still DM

So exactly what the titles says, I randomly have all my chat channels greyed out and can’t see what anyone is typing but I can still type in every channel and I can receive and send DM’s so I don’t know what is wrong.


Did you try to close the game and open it again? Can you share a ss of the issue to know a little bit more about what is happen.

It fixed itself randomly. I think the chat on the server was just lagging for me. I’m not exactly sure what caused it but I was DMing someone and then went to go back to Global chat and it was greyed out but I could still type and see what I typed but, I couldn’t see what anyone else said and it was like that for every channel except DM.

I have not had it happen again but, I did not need to restart the game, it just ended up working after about 20 minutes.

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