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While it is great that a Trade channel was implemented, there still are 10-15% of players who feel that their precious items are so good that people in Global and Recruitment need to see them. If you ask these players to please use the Trade channel; you are met with scorn, name calling and doubling down by other players just linking random items with WTS.

My suggestion would be to restrict the ability of linking items in Global and Recruitment. In this manner, people who are not in the market to purchase anything do not need to scroll through the “great deals” that should be found either in Trade channel or the Trading Post. I’m sure the community will have a lot of feedback on this suggestion :roll_eyes:

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Hi Susan_Ivanova, thanks for taking the time to write out this post. I would love to see other players thoughts on this subject, in the meantime I will get a feedback report made up for you and sent up the chain. Have a great day!

I’m shocked at the lack of negative feedback…let’s make this happen.

I agree, but the problem with disabling linking in recruitment is that people link their orbs to prove they have them and because it’s easier see which dungeon they’re running.

They can type Tempest, Lazarus, Genesis, etc. in the recruiting line and “have orb”. The orb can be linked in DM for doubters.

It’s just nicer/easier to look at, and the vast majority of the time there aren’t any traders in recruitment.

Unfortunately if you leave the option open to these “wonderful” entrepreneurs who have to make sure everybody can see their awesome merch, they will use it. I can continue to mute/block these businessmen but it seems like the population wanted a Trade channel to eliminate this type of abuse.

Then block them.

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