Chat restriction to 72 hours

I think the timer was 72 hours since family share was disabled. My char was able to chat in global today.

I have this same issue on Eden, my character name is Czarina Vella. It won’t let me trade back items for several days. I thought this was because my account was new, but even still that is not a conducive way to get people to want to stay and play the game considering it is a multi player universe. Being new have no real clue to what is what in the game or on the shard or whatever they are called.

Hello there Susan, what you can do is very simple, 1; If you’ve played on Family Share previously and then bought the game, or had the game re-enabled to you by AGS themselves after they checked that you’ve used family share as intended, then you simply need to just play 72 hours and it will be available again.

There’s another option that you can take which makes it much faster and simpler.

Live Chat

At the link posted above, you can directly contact Amazon Games Live chat, (I’ve chosen the correct category for you) and there they will assist you.

Simply state your issue, that you cannot Trade/Chat, etc, and that your account meets the requirements, give them your SteamID if they ask for it, and they’ll look into the account.

It took my friend 10 hours and they’ve fixed it after pulling your Account data and checking it.

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Thank you and you were spot on… all is well now.

I’m also getting this for a copy , but i’m lvl 60 .

I know the programer use the date of buying the Key for the 72 hours timer, but did not pay attention to the level of the character and the ingame play time

You are most welcome, I hope you enjoy your time in the lovely beautiful world that they created for us

You can follow the same steps as Susan, it’s very simple!

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