Cheat to Stop Orichalcum from spawning

Don’t know who but some yahoo figured out a way to stop a Large Orichalcum Vein from spawning until he wants the ore. The vein is located in Monarch’s near the Lynx cavern. He cuts down the small tree in front of the vein and places a camp. As long as his camp is there the vein will not respawn. He tears down the camp waits for the ore and repeats placing a camp there until he’s ready to get the ore again. THIS IS WORSE than the bots. Can something be done???


Hello @bnbsports !

I understand that you have encountered someone that exploits a bug to stop the orichalcum vein from spawning by cutting down a tree and placing a camp. First let me thank you for bringing this information to us, as it is very useful or us that you players report these kinds of exploits so we can escalate them for the devs to address!

I would advise that you report the players that you encounter using these exploits using the ingame report system, as this can help us examine different instances of this bug being taken advantage of.

Additionally, it is always useful to us that you also report these situation in the forum’s board dedicated to reporting these exploits:

Again, thank you for reporting this situation!

Happy adventuring!

WOW!! That was very fast action. The small tree was removed and the Large Orichalcum vein was able to respawn: UNTIL TODAY. The jackhole found a work around: He now puts the camp on the small Orichalcum vein and it won’t respawn: hence the large one won’t either. I have enclosed a picture.

Thank you,
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Hello @bnbsports ! :mage:

I’m sorry to hear that the issue is still being exploded! I’ll go ahead and dig a little deeper, I’ll escalatte this again with the updated info that you’ve kindly provided for us :smiley: . I’m sure the team will work as fast as possible in order to find a way to prevent these kind of exploits being used in the game.

I’ll be lurking around in case any more info about this expoit pops in in the forums so I can pass all the updates as fast as possible.

Again, thank you very much for bring this to our atention!


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THIS is getting ridiculous. I am ready to QUIT playing this game. AGAIN, a player is erecting a camp which somehow is preventing the Orichalcum Vein from respawning. The small vein and Salamander slime both respawned twice while I stood there waiting 35 minutes and nothing happened. This is my 4th time reporting this incident. Can’t something be done???

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