Cheater - Kanpu3 (very fast move)

Hello. I met cheater in the game. This character move very fast. I was meet him in Cutlass Keys - Marshview Shrine.


Hello @mkaptakov !

First at all, thank you for sharing that info with us,

Were you able to send a report through? If not, please try to do so, so we can trigger an investigation towards his behavior.

Just in case, if you need a guide on how to report, please check the link below:

There is a very important point on this article:

To report a player or company outside of chat:

  1. Press O to bring up the Social menu and then search for the player (or a player in the company you want to report) by name.
  2. Mouse over the player and then click Report.
  3. Select a reason for the report, provide a description of the violation, and then click Submit.

I hope you find this information helpful, please keep it up on reporting that kind of issues through the reporting system, then we will have our staff to check on that behavior personally.

Hello, yes, i was send report in the game.


I have a video of this cheater:
Kanpu3 cheating vol.1 - YouTube
Team Snake vol.1 cheating - YouTube
Kanpu3 cheating vol.2 - YouTube
New World Cheater Kanpi3 - YouTube


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