Checking a bot each day challenge (not baned)

this is day 6 i think.i kinda lost track
server amenti

he was lvl 32 when i first started reporting him he gained 2 more levels

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Hello @bonebreakerr,

I understand that your concerned about a player being a Bot.

We at AGS take exploiting and cheating very seriously and strict action will be taken against any one who violates TOS.

Rest assure it will be handled and appropriate action will be taken by our moderators team upon reviewing your report. i would request you to always report this in game since that would reach the correct team.

To report a player or company in-game:

    1.  Hover over the offending message and then click Report.
    2.  Select a reason for the report, provide a description of the violation, and then click Submit.

To report a player or company in-game, outside of chat:

    1.  Press O to bring up the Social menu and then search for the player by name.
    2.  Mouse over the player and then click Report.
    3.  Select a reason for the report, provide a description of the violation, and then click Submit.

To report a player outside the game, file a web ticket to Amazon Anmelden … Make sure to include the following:

    1.  The name of the player or company you're reporting.
    2.  A description of the violation.
    3.  The server name where the violation occurred.

I hope this information helps!


bro i have checked this bot each day for the past 6 or 7 days
each fking day hes in the same spot reported him so many times that i wont do it anymore … il just post this in forums so every 1 can see and check it for themselfs…
this is not rocket science…
u can make a new character enter on this server and check it with your own eyes… its not that hard
he is updated every day to change moves… moves to avoid afk detection…
like yesterday was crouch move left then now he turns around for 4 secounds and goes back to fishing

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is that a picture from the dev video , so then you watched it ?

They explained to you why it takes time to ban the bots , yet you are here
being rude to everyone . they cant just ban it over your word and reports .
it has to be reviewed and if there is 100 other cases before it , it will take some time .

some bots are hard to detect… but this 1 is so obvsious . i keep track of this bot becuase hes alwase here.

you reported him , you did great , he will be banned at some point .
now go do other things .

day 10 i think bot still there

for 2 days i didnt see this bot … i legit thoth he got baned… i guess not

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