Chest and mob tracking

Hello AGS devs and community I come here today with just under 40 days of in game time. I have loved and hated moments of the experience much like everyone else. I do have one small request that should be added to the game as a QoL.

Chest tracking while the game offers this feature in the achievements it caps at 10k chests whether another achievement needs added or not is not really my concern. What I would like to see is maybe a furniture item made that tracks chests you’ve opened. Some system that can be added that isn’t as boring as clicking on achievements. (Old school RuneScape) has a collection log for this situation maybe consider that? Not exactly but some form of it…

Another thing would be named elite tracker could be added to this book/log as a way of seeing how unlucky our rng has been on some drops. I’m not asking for a drop table and drop rates just a way too see how many of a certain mob we have killed!

Now I know the game has a lot of issues and this wouldn’t be a top priority but something to consider down the line.

Conclusion love the game not an important must feature but would be huge for quality of life improvement!

Everyone have a wonderful day can’t wait to try the event later!

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