Chest tier 2or 3?

There is a supply stockpile chest to the west of Mallorys refuge fast travel in weavers fen. How do I know if this is tier 1/2/3 chest since it isn’t in a point of interest? I have used websites that label the maps like map genie or new world map, but how do I know these are accurate?

There are also two supply stockpile chests that have been moved around near the imperial palace beach… How do I know what tier these are?

It will also be really interesting to check out all of the items in those supply chest loot tables so I can plan out my loot runs in a more efficient way. Is there a place that I can see this?

That chest by the water fall(Mallory’s notch) is a T1 stockpile supposedly. I have gotten a few decent decorations from it, and some schematics. It’s not a chest I hit often, there are much better zones for chest farming.

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