Choosing the best weapon combo

Hello everyone.
So having purchased the game just yesterday i’m really new to the game, well i’m guessing as many of you here if you joined since the official launch.
I played world of Warcraft for years and also some Final Fantasy 14 so i’m used to this system or game design where you pick a certain class, in a way i’m very happy that New World took a different route here which will be interesting to see how this system based on weapon mastery.

I was wondering what are you guys using for weapon combos?
Also, does anyone know of any reliable website where, if i want to, i could follow a certain combo and also build for the weapon mastery?

IDK, Im still thinking. But I started with sword and bow and had fun. But then I realized that sword mostly works with strength and bow works with dex. So I switched to spear and bow since they both work off dex. Im still going to try ice glove and fire staff when I get a glove, but I know when I do Ill need both int and focus so my stats will be split and Im not sure Ill like that. But the CC will be nice. Maybe Ill just go with spear and glove and just use dex. Dont worry about dps with glove just use it for CC.

Plenty of builds and a handful of websites to follow builds out there.

Google is your friend, just like everyone elses.

Hello Shadow and thank you so much for your advice, do you know of any reliable website i could look into for builds and weapon combos?

If you’re planning melee the hatchet is essential with how absolutely overpowered it is. I’ve got most weapons at 30+ and my hatchet out damages anything I’ve got, it’s also incredibly fast. Warhammer is another great weapon and the sound effects are very satisfying. Great axe is epic. Tbh most are really good but hatchet is by far the most broken.

hatchet is quite ok, it only needs just few tweaks on 2 passives, bloodlust and the one that regenerates your HP in %
the broken weapon is Great Axe that needs a total overhaul

30+? Im fairly certain it caps at 20 my dude.

Also im running fire and ice and they are both 100% int. I know someone running with ice and rapier and they are likeing it since rapier has .5 scaling on int.

Really the only weapon that doesnt have a “good” combo is life staff since that only scales eith focus and is also the only thing that scale with focus. Can get around that a little with the nature dmg gem in any other weapon but thats still not great.

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