City Buildings & Housing Feedback


Suggestions for Cities and housing.

Buildings we need for cities


  • Player can deposit up to 1m gold here
  • Deposits have an upkeep cost of a % of the total wealth in a bank, each week. This Tax % will act as a sink for the economy

Unique Structures

  • The bath house in brimstone was a good way to take cities to another level, but what if we expanding upon this. I’d like to suggest to introduce a new concept in the game that has something to do with each of these unique city houses. The concept is that players obtain a unique debuff that does nothing outside of a silly animation until corrected. For example, if you do not bathe every day or so, you will get flies around you when in an idle state.

This concept can be shifted to many aspects of gameplay from needing a bath, to needing to eat, or sleep in a bad in a house, and so on. They are ways to enrich the depth of the game. Each of these status effects should be granted largely by each cities unique building. In the case of brimstone it can be a bath.

Each unique status should also grant a buff. This buff will be 10 of a stat respective to the concept of the status effect. So 10 focus for bathing, or 10 con for drinking in a tavern. This will enable the players to utilize these buildings for some duration.

Each status effect can “softly” require a set of time to be spent in each of these locations. So drinking in a tavern for 10 minutes. A trigger area can be set up for each location that will add a timer, which eventually will grant the positive attribute based buff and removal of the negative effect.

So spending 10 minutes in a bath house will grant 10 focus for a period of time (lets say 1 to 3 hours?). These attribute or status based buffs are limited to one and will override each other like hearty means and energizing meals override each other.


  • Remove the old score system that grants more points to a house when it crafts in a city.
  • create a new xp boost system that if a player clicks the action button (default e) on a bed, it will put the character to sleep and log them out. For every minute logged out in this state the player will obtain bonus experience that will double the xp rate on completing quests, objectives, etc. Add a cap to it (50% of a level?) and limit the build up time to no more than 8 hours.

Housing Items
This to add

  • foods. Shifting all of the fruits, dinners, etc into a housing item that can be placed would be amazing.
  • More things that act as “placed walls”, similar to the new lattuce furnishing items (thanks for that btw, it was great).
  • More statues
  • Fountains
  • More sources of water like sinks, baths, waterfalls, etc
  • more sources of fire
  • Larger stove/oven concepts. the new brimstone ones are great but there is no option for fire etc.

How to take housing to the next level

  • Enable the ability to transfer textures on houses so players can change our the color schemes. I’d even pay real money for this via the item shop.
  • Allow windows, doors to be open or closed.
  • Allow fireplaces, stoves, etc to be turned on (fire on / off)

Housing limits

  • We need more light and item placement slots. Please double the lightning limit, and increase the housing item limit by 50.
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