City of Brass Merging with Castle of Steel

Hello. TYVMBONSCOTT from Podesta/Cibola/City of Brass here. Thank you for the last merge, as it was swift and timely. I commend you for doing it. Although it was a great decision, it is time to do another merge for servers. We need to get these servers as close to the cap as possible, and when the time comes, then make new servers for new players. That will be the best route for many cases, and you will best serve the current dedicated player base. Because that’s what’s left right now; completely end-game dedicated level 60 players.

With that said, I think that a merger between City of Brass & Castle of Steel would be appropriate and would settle any future problems going forward. Keeping a server closer to the cap will emphasize a lot of things; 1. Players will least likely transfer out. 2. Any wiggle room will incentivize new players to create a character and join a “busy” server. 3. The current player base between the two servers will be very happy with the new opportunities and gameplay will be even better. 4. Things like economy (trading post manipulations), bot-problems (less real estate for bots to operate in), & solo players bored and or not getting help with game-related content.

Just some ideas I had that should be implemented now, rather than later on when it’s not as effective. Let’s keep momentum on our side with this game and not give people a reason to explore other games, which may lead to never coming back again :(. Thank you!

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