Clams are impossible to find

Is it just me or are there no clams in this game. I have fished salt water for tons of casts… with high and medium chance bait, in hotspots and out… and I have not yet hit a clam… wtf it shouldnt be this hard, especially it if is for a quest…


I cannot get a snail or clam, in the beta I got them both without issue.

I can get them with no bait, around 2-5m range

You are gonna have to teach me your voodoo then.

I’m having issues to with this quest.

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I got my clam at 2nd or 3rd cast, near the questgiver. I don’t remember what bait I used but I did. Snail was bit more annoying but I got mine from 1 star fishing spot at Hatchburg Fishery, First light.

Clams and snails are best to fish in hotspots with extra bait since they are uncommon. I’ve had no issue getting clams at the hotspot near the starting area in first light, or snails at the hotspot just to the north of first light. Do need extra bait though to up your chances.

Got several Snails yesterday in my first attempt at Fishing , Lake close to Arcturus in Everfall (not the one around the structure) but south of the road.

Same but with snails

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