Clarification on Luck Please

While running Tempest the other night, we were having a conversation about luck and the interactions that being in a group would have on it. A number of group members, myself included, have memories of there being mechanics that would cause one’s luck in a group to be affected by the luck bonuses of other group members.
One of our company members challenged this assertion, and now I find myself wondering if this isn’t a sort of Mandela Effect sort of thing.
Can one of the CMs or a dev weigh in regarding the effects (if any) that being in a group and the group members’ luck scores have on a person’s individual luck?

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Yes, or course it does. You’ll also have more hp because of your tank, more damage because of your glass cannon mage, and more healing output thanks to your healer’s focus.

What’s missing, for me, is the actual documentation that spells out how party members’ luck stats interact. The assumption is made that it does, and it spills out into lots of areas (like not letting any sub-60s come on elite/chest runs), but I’ve not been able to locate specific documentation from AGS that says it actually does or how it works. This makes it pretty possible that all of this is just confirmation bias.

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My post was full troll, thought it’d be obvious.

You’ll also have more hp because of your tank

You won’t

more damage because of your glass cannon mage

You won’t

more healing output thanks to your healer’s focus.

You won’t

being in a group and the group members’ luck scores have on a person’s individual luck?

It doesn’t

This doesn’t change what I’m looking for, and I perhaps should have made clear that I was aware of your levity.

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I have not seen in any of the dev video explanations nor any written form that luck affects anything but the user wearing it. Or any kind of assertion that it is in any way affected by anything other.

That’s because they believe it’s sacred or something. Maybe they think it’s proprietary technology, like anyone’s gonna come flocking to this game for its ideas at this point…

They’ve yet to detail it afaik, although I think they tried to demystify luck once or twice it apparently didn’t do much?

You see to be a pretty logical person, so why isn’t it obvious to you that it doesn’t matter how much luck your group has when no other stat works this way? I thought my comment was /r/woosh, but apparently your logic is what’s going over my head.

My chain of reasoning is as follows:

  1. Many people claim luck is modified by group members
  2. This appears to be confirmation bias, and despite my nearly 100% certainty that this is the case, I do recall having some vague memory of seeing something about it in writing.
  3. To assuage any uncertainty that arises from this topic (as it is oft-repeated), I’d like to get absolute and final clarity from AGS.

This is less about what I believe to be true, and more about getting this documented as an objective piece of information. I’ve seen some pretty poor behavior because of this (e.g.activity gatekeeping and the like), and would like to be able to point to something tangible to say, “your assertion is [correct/incorrect]” based on what AGS says.

Yeah man… Game Makers threw out the directions with the bath water back in the 90s. They realized most people weren’t reading them anyways so they decided to save the trees.

Then came the walkthroughs… even those have gone the way of the dodo.

I guess game developers believe we can’t read anyways so they dont bother. Ironically, I was always under the impression that developers didn’t read. We see proof of that in these here forums lol

A full devblog Post about how luck does work

I’ve never heard this before, and I’ve never seen anything to indicate that it is the case. There’s almost certainly no documentation addressing loot luck being affected by being in a group. The Dev Blog shows nothing about group vs. individual. I’ve also never seen anyone gatekeeping chest runs based on group member luck, but I guess it’s possible. Stupid, but possible.

You might want to check old dev videos- they seem to address luck (among other things) in those, but I still don’t think you’re going to find anything. Luck affects such a limited number of things- getting trophy mats, furniture schematics and cooking recipes from stockpiles, and getting named weapons and armor from enemies, that it doesn’t make sense that group luck would somehow be aggregated and spread out among different members.

You might be applying the “bag drop chance” and conflating it with luck. The requirement to do 15% of the damage on an enemy to qualify for a bag drop, which is then also affected by the number of groups qualifying, and a limited number of bags being available. You see this a lot while farming Malevolence. In a single 5 man, every member of the group will get a bag every time if they are the only group there. With 2 groups, maybe 1 or 2 will not get a bag occasionally. With 3 or more groups it starts to feel like a coin flip, and that can make the farm extra frustrating. But it still has nothing to do with global luck, either as a group or individual. It’s just RNG.

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