Class Tabs / Easy Gear Swaps

I am hoping that this isn’t just me who would love to see something like this but if not, let’s blow this thread up…

We are in serious need of a better gear equipment system, both in terms of what you carry with you and what you store. I may be only speaking for myself here but what armor/weapons I need at any given time can change depending on if I’m running a war where I may be a bruiser, or running an expedition where I may roll a mage, or even an invasion where I might be ranged DPS.

The current system of carrying gear and swapping between it easily is not usable at all. You made this game to where we can level all of our weapons rather than choosing a character class yet you make it very unorganized for us to do what you created the leveling system for.

What I’d like to see is the ability to have two tabs within our character screen which allows us to swap armor, jewelry, weapons and our attributes with a click of a button. Even if this has a small cooldown window, a 5-10 second summoning change system, and a small cost of either gold/azoth would be a vast improvement. It would also be nice for either our houses and/or storage to maybe have armor racks where we can place our gear sets and go back to our house, walk up to an armor rack and swap everything at once with the click of a button.

Something to consider and I hope this gets some visibility.





It’s definitely not just you.

Have you seen…


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