Clicking my mouse fast should never add additional attacks

As it stands right now for some reason if you press the attack button multiple times during a swing with a weapon there will additional followup attacks. Wtf is that. If I’m mid swing it shouldn’t matter if I clicked attack 400 times in between the swing I shouldn’t be throwing a second attack unless I click after the full swing to proc an additional attack. Right now if I click rapidly I will attack at least 2 additional times I did not want to. Combined with lag the way this is working is god awful throws people off in PvP and in PvE.

Can you prove this works, e.g., with a macro? How else are you clicking so many times (I’m assuming 400x is a hyperbole) between attacks?
Of course if it does work we can be sure people will macro it.

400x was me making an exaggerated example. The extra attacks are definitely a thing tho. That combined with the weapon swap issue is pretty infuriating.

Agreed. Quite annoying being locked into multiple attacks that were not intended.

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