Closed Beta Release Notes

Welcome to New Worlds Closed Beta!

This is an important step in our Journey toward launching on August 31st. As we have throughout the development of New World we plan to watch and listen closely to your feedback to help guide where we go in the future. Our August launch is just the beginning and we look forward to a partnership with you, the players, for years to come!

-Scot Lane, Game Director.

World Experience


  • Increased Iron count and polished high-tier mineral distribution across all Zones to create clearer “resource runs”.
  • Updated Mourningdale and Ebonscale Reach to contain more hostile “level-checks” along the main roads.
  • Continued Affix polish on named enemies across various Zones and Quests
  • Expedition Faction missions no longer require completion of the Expedition.
  • Added (optional) steps to unlock spirit shrines in the main story quest line.
  • Added “suggested level” to quest accept button.
  • Added descriptions for POIs.
  • Added new lore notes in Firstlight, Everfall, Windsward, and Monarch’s Bluffs.
  • Fine-tuned map pin locations for “hunt” missions.


General AI

  • Aggro and Leashing
    • Reduced the leash distance for most creatures from 100m to 70m.
    • Most AI now have shorter aggro ranges for players 10 levels higher than them.
      • This does not apply to enemies in Invasion or in Expeditions.
    • Resolved an exploit that would allow players to kill a creature without aggroing it.
  • Brutes and Dryad Beasts
    • Brute based characters no longer cause staggers on their light swipes
    • All brute based characters have had their base health increased by 15%
    • Several brute type enemies have had their basic melee damage increased by 50%
  • Bear
    • Bear based characters no longer cause staggers on their light swipes
    • All bear based characters have had their base health increased by 15%
  • Ancient Guardian Mage
    • The effects of the Mage’s AOE pool now better match the visual area.
  • Corrupted Musketeer
    • Powershot no longer causes a stagger and instead applies a bleed effect
    • Removed Grit from spread shot and removed stagger reaction
  • Corrupted Bowman
    • Removed stagger from melee attack
  • Corrupted and Dryad Tendril
    • Removed stagger reaction from projectile attacks
    • Close sweep attack now causes a heavy stagger instead of a knockdown
    • Dryad Tendril three hit thrash attack now causes a heavy stagger instead of a knockdown
  • Corruption Impaler
    • Reduced collision size of projectile by 50%
  • Corruption Entity
    • Reduced rate of attack on high level variants
      • Running flurry attack now only has Grit and causes stagger during the final slam portion of the attack


  • Lazarus Instrumentality
    • Cilla
      • Increased base health by 40%
      • Increased overall damage by 14%
      • Increased Arcane Might physical damage buff to 15% per stack (from 12%)
      • Increased Arcane Arcana arcane damage buff to 30% per stack (from 20%)
      • Increased the “fuse” time of Arcane Bombs by 1 second (to account for the removal of manual sprint)
    • Chardis
      • Increased base health by 50%
      • Increased damage of Rolling Hands by 100%
      • Increased swipe damage by 20%
      • Increased punch damage by 25%
      • Reduced eye beam damage by 20%
      • Resolved an issue that would cause Chardis’s intro animation to begin earlier than intended.
      • Resolved an issue that could cause Arcane Conduits to appear to be active at the beginning of a fight. They will now always start de-activated and require an Arcane Orb to activate.
      • Resolved an issue that would allow Chardis to repeatedly target a downed or dead player with his Eye Beam. His empathy settings have been adjusted and he will now only target players who are alive.
      • Resolved an issue that would allow Chardis to target players outside of his arena with his laser beam.
      • Arcane Orbs will now vanish at the end of phase 2.
  • Garden of Genesis
    • Blighted Greenskeeper
      • Increased base health by 50%
      • Increased swipe damage by 10%
      • Increased overhead smash damage by 15%
      • Increased poison pool damage by 10%
      • Increased boulder smash damage by 10%
      • Reduced cooldown on boulder smash by 5s in phase 2 and 2s in phase 3.
      • Reduced the time between the final boulder drop and the blight bomb in phase 2 by 7s.
      • Resolved an issue that could cause dropped boulders to not be properly destroyed by the blight bomb.
      • Added rotational homing to the naga’s screech attack.
  • Starstone Burrows
    • Alectos the Relentless
      • Resolved an issue that allowed Alectos to sometimes heal himself when summoning his barrier.
  • Dynasty Shipyard
    • Isabella
      • Increased time between minion summons and reduced the number of spawns per summon from 3 to 2 after the initial spawning
      • Increased damage of Isabella’s attacks by 10%
      • After one tiger is slain, the other now receives a 25% damage increase
      • Resolved and issue that allowed Isabella, cannons, and summons to target players outside her arena


Ammo Tier Damage

  • Adjusted Shot ammo damage tiers from 1.0x, 1.1x, 1.2x, 1.3x → 1.0x, 1.066x, 1.132x, 1.2x (UI will round values to 1.07 and 1.13)
  • Reduced War, Invasion, and Outpost Rush arrows and shots to have the same damage as standard T5 ammo. (1.2x damage bonus)

Attribute Threshold Bonus

  • Fixed an issue where the 250 Strength attribute bonus incorrectly increased stamina regeneration during ranged attacks.
  • Reduced intelligence 300 Attribute bonus from 30% additional damage against full health targets to 10%.

Basic Attacks

  • Attack homing distance and translation speed increased slightly for all melee weapon basic attacks.
  • Fixed an issue where the bow and musket could perform melee attacks instead of hip fire when you tapped the basic attack input.


  • You now block for a minimum of 0.3s after the initial press. You cannot attack cancel during this window but you can dodge cancel.
  • You can now block cancel at the same time you can dodge cancel for primary attacks, this means that you will be able to block sooner after you have done a light/heavy attack.
  • Fixed an issue where player could perform interactions while blocking.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented blocking for a short time after landing from a jump.
  • Fixed an issue where movement while aiming or blocking immediately after a jump was restricted.

Combat Sprint Delay

  • Reduced Sprint Delay duration on attacks from 1.5s → 1.0s.
  • Reduced Sprint Delay duration from being hit by a melee attack from 2.0s → 1.75s.
  • Fixed an issue where the sprint delay was not being applied to Fire & Life Staff abilities (Burnout is an exception and does not trigger the sprint delay).
  • Basic attacks now only trigger the sprint delay on the charge instead of on both the charge and attack itself.


  • Consumable inputs can now be buffered and cancel actions during the appropriate cancel windows.


  • Increased distance covered by normal and heavy dodge.
  • Increased invulnerability frames for all dodges to 17. (Previously 14 for light and 12 for normal and heavy)
  • Changed the default direction traveled by the dodge action when no inputs are detected from forwards to backwards.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented buffering of consecutive dodge commands when certain weapons were equipped.

Exhausted State

  • Now when you hit zero stamina (either by dodging, blocking, or throwing hatchets), you enter an exhausted state. While in this state, your stamina bar turns gray and you can’t dodge, block, or use hatchet aimed throws. Once your stamina is fully regenerated, you leave the exhausted state.


  • Changed Azoth Essence deposit animation from the generic hammering loop to one which looks more appropriate.
  • Fixed an issue where auto-run couldn’t be used while holding the Arcane Barrier or Purifying Flame.


  • Strafe Jumping - player will now face forward while jumping in all 8 directions.
  • Sprint jumping - allows players to reenter sprint after a jump if they continue to navigate in the same direction.
  • Jumping in place - players can now jump in place.
  • Jump will not cancel attacks.

Key bindings

  • Added key binding to weapon swap with one input

PvP Damage Scaling

  • Fixed an issue where the damage mitigation formula was causing an issue where a lower level player need a much lower armor rating to achieve the same damage mitigation as that of a higher level player.
  • This will fix the issue where low level players had a huge advantage due to PvP damage mitigation.


  • You can now sheathe and unsheathe while sprinting without slowing down.

Status Effects

  • Fixed issue where various status effects able to be stacked indefinitely
  • Generic status effect categories are now clamped so they’ll never exceed certain values no matter how many different status effects apply them.
    • Rend: 30%
    • Fortify: 50%
    • Haste: 50%
    • Slow: 50%
    • Empower: 50%
    • Weaken: 50%
    • Disease: 50%
  • Note that the Haste Elixir from the siege armory ignores the clamp.


  • Added an automatic step up action that will automatically occur on low objects when you are navigating without the need to press jump to enact.
    • This will only occur on objects that are .65m high or less.
  • There is a new option to allow traversal (ledge up, hurdle, step up) while navigating (without using auto run). This option is off by default.
  • Added key binding to allow a toggle between run and sprint as your default speed.


  • Removed Stagger Damage from item tooltips due to the stat no longer being used.
  • Updated the “Normal” equip load text to be “Medium” instead.



  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t use abilities to cancel Life and Fire Staff basic attack charges.
  • Fixed an issue where you could cancel various bow, musket, and life staff abilities prematurely with basic attacks.
  • Fixed an issue where the aim mode of targeted AoE abilities could be used to instantly cancel basic attacks and then basic attacks could be used to instantly cancel the aim mode, allowing players to skip the attack recovery and significantly increase their rate of fire.


  • Adjusted Shields so each type has an advantage or disadvantage. Round shields will have more damage bonuses than Tower, and Tower will have more defensive bonuses than Round. Kite shields are a middle ground between the two.
    • Round shields do more damage, block stamina damage, and stagger damage to AI than kite shields, but have less block stability.
    • Tower shields have more block stability but do less damage, block stamina damage, and stagger damage.
    • Kite shields are in the middle ground where they are better than round at blocking, but slightly worse at damage, and worse than the tower at blocking, but slightly better at damage.

Fire Staff

  • The Fire Staff Burnout ability has been reworked as a result of some unforeseen performance issues relating to the way it previously functioned.
    • Modified Burnout to no longer leave a trail on the fire behind the player, but now on the dash forward will impact any target the player collides with and apply a burning damage over time to them as they pass through.

    • Players now pass through targets instead of being stopped by them while using burnout.

    • Players can slightly adjust the angle of the dash while it is active.

    • Increased size of hitbox while dashing to make it more consistent to hit targets while dashing.

    • Several upgrades and tooltips have been adjusted to compensate for the new functionality.

      • Burnout DoT now lasts for 8 seconds on the target and does not stack like it previously did.
      • Increased Burnout DoT Damage from 5% of weapon damage to 10% of weapon damage per tick.
      • Increased Burnout All In modifier CDR from 2% per hit to 5% per hit.
  • Modified Meteor Shower to be a AOE DoT Spell that triggers an initial impact, followed by an additional tick of damage every second while spell is casting and targets are inside the AoE.
    • This change was required due to some unforeseen server issues that were being caused by the functionality of the previous meteor shower.
    • Ability Functionality, upgrades, tooltips, and ability perk have been updated and their damage values have been adjusted to compensate for the new functionality.
    • Ability now spawns one meteor at the beginning dealing 34% weapon damage and proceeds to deal additional hits of damage periodically to the AoE area dealing 20% weapon damage while the spell is active.
      • The Immolation Upgrade now only grants mana on the initial hit of meteor shower.
      • The Fiery Determination upgrade has remained unchanged
      • The Judgement of Helios upgrade has been changed to increase the ticked damage by an additional 5% (20% → 25%)
    • The Empowering Meteor Shower Mastery Perk has been changed from the previous functionality to now deal an additional 10%-30% (depending on gear score) damage to targets at full HP.

Great Axe

  • Increased base damage of weapon from 78 → 82
  • Renamed the ability Enduring Pull to Enduring Strike as the name did not match the functionality.
  • Added 20% Damage reduction while in Grit to the Enduring Strike passive that grants Grit on Heavy attacks.
  • Adjusted Reap’s initial attack hitbox to be wider to match VFX better so it is easier to consistently hit targets
  • Extended Gravity Passive pull hold duration from 10% → 30%
  • Re-Added the ability for the Whirlwind attack to to perform perform the random critical hits. Whirlwind can still not backstab.
  • Increased Maelstrom damage from 100% → 110%
  • Fixed issue where the Executioner’s speed passive was not triggering consistently while in groups of targets. Updated ability to now trigger if 2 or more enemies are hit with a single attack.


  • Berserk will no longer trigger a sprint delay
  • Removed an unintentional damage reduction that was being applied by the Uninterruptible Berserk Upgrade.
  • Removed the stun immunity from Uninterruptible Berserk to be more consistent with other CC status effects. Now the upgrade only applies to attack reactions.

Ice Gauntlet

  • Added a 1 second root when first entering Ice Shower.
  • Updated tooltips for Ice Spikes, Windchill, Ice Storm, and Ice Pylon to include weapon damage percentages.

Life Staff

  • Increased light attack damage from 100% weapon damage → 107%
    Increased heavy attack damage from 140% weapon damage → 151%
  • Fixed an issue which could cause the player to get stuck in the casting animation when using the Life Staff skill Sacred Ground.
  • Limited max range of Splash of Light to 100m. This will ensure it can not be used in any exploitable way, and will ensure all group members that are affected by it are within render distance of healer.
  • Updated the Desperate Speed passive to have a 5 second timer on trigger to prevent stacked healing cooldown reduction. Once the timer is up, another ability can trigger the cooldown reduction, or if a status effect is still on a target, the cooldown will tick again and the timer will restart.


The Musket had a pretty thorough balance pass performed on it due to it becoming the dominant weapon in various game areas. We focused on not reducing any abilities or base weapons stats and focusing on the stacked damage bonuses it gets. This should help keep the Musket still viable to use in standard situations while reducing its power a bit in extreme circumstances.
  • Removed the stagger from the Musket Gun Butt when ammo is depleted, but added additional pushback to it to provide a bit of time for user to swap weapons easily when ammo runs out.
  • Reduced crit damage from 1.4x to 1.3x
  • Ultimate
    • Lethal Combo Ultimate - Reduced damage bonus from 25% → 20%
    • Sniper Ultimate - Reduced damage bonus from 25% → 15%
  • Passives
    • Sharpshooter Tree
      • Hit Your Mark - Reduced max benefit from 30% → 15% (Max range was reduced in previous update, that made it easier to get the max benefit)
      • Critical Reload - Reduced duration between shots from 10s → 5s
      • Empowering Headshot and Empowering Weakness - Set status effects to no longer refresh on a hit while buff is already active. Will need to wait for duration has expired to be re-applied.
      • Called Shot - Reduce damage bonus from 15% to 10%
      • Heightened Precision - Reduced duration between shots from 10s → 5s, reduced max stack from 10 → 6. Fixed issue where status effect DoTs were incrementing damage.
    • Trapper Tree
      • Reduced Salt on the wounds damage bonus from 15% → 10%
      • Empowering Weakness - Reduced empower effect from 10% → 5%
      • Weakened Defense - Reduced stamina damage bonus from doubling stamina damage to increasing it by 50%.
      • Reduced Stamina Regen from Energy Burst Passive from 20 → 5
      • Kick them when they are down - Updated to only apply from CC effects (Slow, Root, Stun) and not DoTs or Debuffs.
  • Fixed Issue where the Musket Powder Burn DoT was applying through shield blocks. Now DoT will only trigger if the target is damaged.
  • Updated Sticky Bomb to explode after 3 seconds instead of 5 seconds.
    • Also updated the Sticky Slow passive to slow for 3 seconds when stuck to match the duration of the sticky bomb.


  • Fixed issue where Shield Rush and Shield Bash were not hitting consistently. Hit boxes were offset, and homing move to distance was set high enough that they would miss if homing occurred.
  • Light Attack 3 will start 4 frames faster now, removed an unintended delay from the light chain attacks.

War Hammer

  • Increased base damage of weapon from 82 → 84
  • Increased Armor Breaker’s Rend from 5% for 10s → 15% for 10s
  • Increased Shockwave Stun Duration from 1.75s → 2s
  • Increased Mighty Gavel weapon damage from 140% → 160%
  • Increased Mighty Gavel Justice for all Ultimate weapon damage from 180% → 200%
  • Increased Facilitated Expedition Passive move speed effectiveness from 10% for 2s → 15% for 3s
  • Increased the duration of the Shockwave’s Frailty weaken modifier from 10% for 5s → 10% for 10s
  • Increased the effectiveness of the Exhaustive Attacks passive from 10% for 3s → 15% for 5s
  • Added 20% damage reduction while in Grit with the Hardened Steel passive that grants Grit on Heavy attacks.
  • Increased Power Through Pain damage bonus while in an attack animation from 20% for 1s → 35% for 1s.
  • Updated Wrecking Ball’s Breathing Room modifier functionality from pushing back enemies near the target hit → also knock down enemies within 1.5 meters of the target.
  • Fixed issue where players using the War Hammer Outnumbered passive and the CON 100 Attribute threshold bonus would sometimes get extremely high values of HP.
    • Reworked the Outnumbered passive ability from granting a % of armor per nearby enemy, to now granting a flat damage reduction is 2 or more enemies are nearby.


  • Fixed an issue were Magic weapons were not consistently triggering chain elemental perks.



We have continued to adjust some costs for the major gold rebalance we did in May. This time around we focused on aligning the territory economy with those changes, including Territory Upkeep, Trading Post Fees, and other things that cause coin to flow into the coffers of a Territory’s Controlling Company. We also made adjustments to payouts from high-level Breaches as well as Invasions, War, and Outpost Rush.
  • Decreased the cost activating Territory Lifestyle Buffs to 2,500 Gold (down from 15,000).
  • Decreased Territory Upkeep Costs from Territory Level 20 to max level by ~50%.
    • Upkeep costs at mid and higher levels where higher than we wanted them to be after the earlier economy changes.
    • Note: We consider Territory Level 30 to be a softcap after which upgrade costs grow significantly level-over-level. 29 upgrades gives Territories a variety of upgrade options, while also creating a need for them to diversify their upgrades in order to keep their Upkeep costs manageable. There is also room for particularly wealthy Territories to expand further, provided they can afford it.
  • Increased coin rewards on level 60 and 65 Corrupted Breaches by 300% for Minor Breaches and 200% for Major Breaches.
  • Decreased flat fees on Trading Post buy/sell orders by 71-84% depending on how many days the item is listed.
  • Unified the amount of gold players could earn in our current game modes. The values should ensure they are some of the best gold-per-hour activities in the game.
    • Increased the amount of coin generated by Invasions by between 150-217% from lowest to highest performers, respectively.
    • Decreased the amount of coin generated from War between 37-50% for highest to lowest performers, respectively.
    • Decreased the amount of coin generated from Outpost Rush between 20-33% from highest to lowest performers, respectively.
  • Trading Post Order Duration now default to 14 days (instead of 1).
  • Increased Gold and Token rewards for PvP kills in the open world.
  • Adjusted Repair Part costs for T2/3/4/5 Repair Kits to 40/100/150/300, respectively.
  • Increased initial Territory Claim cost to 100,000 Gold (up from 10,000). We made this change to extend the initial land rush period.


We reviewed the XP curves for our Crafting, Refining, and Gathering Trade Skills and have made several changes that we believe will improve the overall Refining and Crafting experience. We believe these changes will cause most players to reach the next tier of Refining before they reach the next tier of crafting, which will enable them to craft lower-tier items using those higher-tier resources as Secondary ingredients, enabling them to create more powerful crafted items earlier in their overall play experience.
  • Smoothed out the overall curve for refining skills. Previously there were points where we introduced a new recipe tier and increased the base amount of refines required to progress. Now these increases are more normalized. This should result in a general increase to progression speed tier-over-tier.
  • Increased the amount of XP gained from refining an item by ~26%. Cutting Gemstones were previously tuned, so we increased their XP awarded by 10%.
  • Increased the amount of XP gained from crafting an item by 20%.
  • Increased the amount of XP gained from gathering an item by 5%.
  • Increased Logging XP by ~19% for Young Trees and by ~8% for all other trees.
  • Increased the speed of leveling Fishing by 15%.
  • Increased the XP reward for catching a Rare fish by ~25%.
  • Increased the XP reward for catching a Legendary fish by ~84%.
  • Increased the speed of leveling from Levels 7-12 by 15%.
  • Increased the speed of leveling from Levels 12-25 by 10%
  • Decreased the speed of leveling from Levels 50-60 by 10%.
    • A number of Main Storyline Quests have been added to the late game which offsets this increase almost entirely.
  • Added a 5% XP bonus when flagged for PvP.


We noticed that many gem slots rolling on lower-tier items were going unsocketed because players swap out their equipment fairly frequently early in the game. To address this, we’ve changed the roll order of item bonuses slightly. Previously, items rolled Attributes, Gem Slot, and then up to 3 Perks (in that order). Now, items will roll Attributes, a Perk, a Gem Slot, and up to 2 more Perks.

We also think this will expose players to the value of perks earlier in the game and create more interesting choices for gear pieces in general.

  • Adjusted Breach Caches for completing the highest-level Major Breaches. Caches from these Breaches are more likely to drop named items and increase the player’s High Water Mark for their equipment.
  • Increased the chance of an Arena Reward Container granting an item that causes a player’s High Water Mark to increase.
  • Slightly increased the chances of getting rare crafting resources (such as Scalecord and Voidmetal) from containers. However, the primary (and most reliable) method of acquisition is still gathering.
  • Named item drops in Expeditions have had their Gear Score increased and now share their level requirement with the Expedition.
    • For instance, Simon Grey’s Toothpick is now more powerful, and requires level 25 to equip (the recommended entry level for Amrine Expedition).
  • Increased the Gear Score roll floor and ceiling for Tier 3 and 4 Expedition Equipment.
  • Adjusted loot drop modifiers for targets tagged by multiple players and groups of players. The more players or groups that tag an enemy, the lower its likelihood to drop loot, down to a non-zero minimum. Groups only count as one tag, so to maximize your loot chances, it is best to do open world content as a group instead of as a set of individuals.

We felt that with the various ways to acquire ammunition for Bows and Muskets in the game, the chances of getting ammo from a small container was too high. After reviewing the drop rate of ammo we have made the following adjustments:

  • Adjusted the drop rate of ammo versus refining reagents when searching small containers.
  • Refining reagents are now overall more likely to drop than before, with a small , separate chance for a lower amount to drop. This small additional chance also reduces the likelihood of getting an ammo drop.
  • Increased the minimum amount of refining reagents that large containers drop. The potential maximum is the same.
  • Changed Adventurer’s Longsword (a Windsward Quest Reward weapon) gem and stat bonus so that it can be a reasonable choice as a tanking weapon for Amrine Expedition.
  • Added an additional tier of loot rewards for flagged players that have been alive for longer than 30 minutes.
  • We felt like furniture drops were happening too often from containers in the open world, so we reduced them by a small amount.
  • Added a variety of furnishings that resemble the décor found in Ebonscale Reach to loot tables.
  • Re-balanced the “Amount Required” for each of the Armament/Armor Work Orders, Mana/Health/Regen Potions, Mana/Health Food Missions, Kill Missions, and Raw Gatherables missions so it better aligns with the XP awarded.
  • Retuned rewards for completing Crafting Armament, Crafting Armor, Raw Gathering, Cull Animal, and Explore Mission town projects.
  • All weapons and armor received from quests are now salvageable. Originally we made these not salvageable so players could avoid salvaging them by mistake. Now that we have a lock system for your favorite items, we can remove this safety.
  • Slightly increased the chances of an Azoth Vial dropping from Named Creatures, because when you give creatures a name they start to feel special and want to carry valuable things in their pockets.
  • Adjusted some achievement requirements to improve their value and earning difficulty while reducing early achievement spam.
  • Updated the level requirement and Gear Score of named item drops from Padre Nunez named NPC to match a previous change to this NPC’s level.

Equipment Visuals

We received feedback about a lack of feminine apparel styles at lower levels, so we have added some additional, more feminine styles to the game. There are 4 full sets (tiers 2/3/4/5, dropped and craftable) and a variety of single pieces, from boots and gloves to dresses, fascinators, and leggings. These styles can be equipped by both the male and female character body types.
  • Replaced visuals on Starstone Barrows weapons (they were incorrect due to a bug)
  • War Mode Fire Staff, Ice Gauntlet, and Tower Shield got visuals that more closely match the other weapons in the set.
  • Updated Drowned T2 weapon visuals to match other tiers.


  • Many Cooking Recipes have been removed from the player’s base knowledge and can now be learned by finding the recipe in a Provisioning Container.
    • These recipes function identically to Furnishing Schematics and can be traded on the Trading Post.
  • Weapons and Armors crafted with Artifact Items (e.g. Voidbent Armor) are now guaranteed to roll Gear Score 600, but require the player to be a master in their respective Crafting Trade Skill.
    • Unlike Schematics and Recipes, Artifact items enable a crafting recipe and are consumed by the item they craft. Artifacts are dropped rarely from open world and Expedition content. You must have the Artifact in your possession to be able to see the recipe’s other requirements.
    • While the item crafted by the Artifact is Bind on Equip, the Artifact itself is not. Artifacts can be traded on the trading post.
  • Reduced the chance of Attribute Craft Mods dropping from most gatherables by ~50%.
    • We feel these items are valuable and were dropping too frequently when gathering.
    • This does not affect the find rate of these item types from containers and hostile mob drops, however.
  • Increased stack size of potions and utility consumables to 100 (up from 10).
  • Armor Perks that give gathering Trade Skill Luck have been increased.
  • Housing Trophies now grant more gathering Trade Skill Luck.
  • Gems from Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Orichalcum now roll 1-3 of one gem versus 3 rolls of 1 gem each.
  • Gem Fusion now upgrades the tier of the gem to a Raw Gem (instead of to a Cut Gem). Previously, fusing gems made it impossible to use them in subsequent fusions because they were cut, so this change keeps them in a state that is viable for further upgrades.
  • Reduced the respawn on Iron Veins by 30%.
  • Increased the ore yield from Iron Veins by 20%.
  • Reduced the number of Iron Ingots required to refine Steel from 4 to 3.
  • Reduced the weight of raw ore and stone from .3 to .2.
  • Added a number of iron nodes to the world to increase the supply of iron and make it possible for more people to concurrently perform iron runs.
    • Added roughly 40-60 in lower level zones, 25-35 in mid-level zones, and 10-15 in high-level zones.
    • Note: we want iron to be a valuable commodity that lower-level players can farm to sell to higher-level players.
  • Increased Rawhide yield from Elk and Bison. Added the ability for Elite skinnable Predators to drop additional Rawhide. Slightly reduced the yield from Wolves to compensate for this change.
  • Adjusted the ingredient requirements for crafting Spears: Wood is now the primary ingredient, with metal as the secondary ingredient. Also adjusted the quantity of wood and metal required. The total number of resources required for a craft is the same.
  • Reduced the magical essence requirement of gemcutting by 1 for T2/3/4 cut gems.
  • Adjusted non-Artifact master-level armor styles (Fur-Lined, Beasthunter, Shadewalker) to function like other procedural sets of armor as their functionality was redundant with the Voidbent armors. Now Armorers have a wider variety of armor styles to craft when they reach Skill Level 200.
  • Added a craftable set of dresses to the Armoring Trade Skill at Tiers 2/3/4/5.
  • Moved Shield Crafting to the Weaponsmithing Trade Skill from the Armoring Trade Skill as it relates more directly to combat (Sword and Shield Mastery) than it does passive protection (what other armor does). Shields are still crafted at the Forge.
  • We made a number of improvements to Fishing:
    • Players can now use chat while in Fishing mode.
    • Players can now skip the caught fish camera animation by clicking.
    • Retuned fish personalities in general, and lower-tier fish are less likely to fight excessively.
    • The most aggressive fish personality now rests for a short time. Previously they were all fight with no rest period.
    • The highest tier of Fish Filet will now also drop from Stingrays and Electric Eels. Previously it was not accessible enough.
    • Slight increase to the amount of fish oil that drops; drop probability remains the same.
    • Change bait so Bread/Meat Baits give Quality/Size chance bonuses respectively. This is now more consistent with other bait functionality.
    • Increased minimum cast distance from 3m to 5m.
    • Slight increase of Fishing Pole durability for T1/2/3 poles.
    • Changed the unlock level of one of the fishing Hotspots so players are likely nearer to an available hotspot when the fishing quest set requires the player to use one.
    • Fishing armor can now have a variety of stat bonuses instead of just the one it rolled previously.
    • Renamed the Inventory Category for Bait to “Fishing.”
    • Caught fish items now go into the Fishing Category.
    • Added more information to the “Derived From” tooltip information on fish items for increased accuracy.


  • Added a number of more specific categories to player and storage inventories.

UX/ UI / Social

Streamer Spotlight [Coming Soon]

As a streamer, you can share your stream and live audience to the world of Aeternum. Other players will be able to tune into your stream via your social menu too. You can also be totally anonymous while still linking your Twitch account too if you prefer.

Twitch Sub Army [Coming Soon]

Streamers can create ‘Sub Army’ sessions which can be joined by their subscribers and followers in-game. Anyone who’s joined the streamer’s session can be invited to either group or company by the streamer via the Twitch panel in the social pane.

Polish and New Additions

  • Steam Achievements now hooked up

  • You can now see the Crafting and Refining station tiers of any settlement via the Map!

  • Compass POI location now highlights if you’re in a location with an active objective. Pinned objectives for current POI highlight on the quest HUD

  • Map Flyout/Panel polish for settlements and Spirit Shrines

  • Added quest level to ‘Accept Quest’ button if level is higher than 7 and if higher than current level

  • Tweaked difficulty colors along with above to be more clear (orange instead of yellow to avoid confusion with objective colors)

  • Added weapon icons to Attribute screen

  • Tradeskill Level meter in reward ticker now updates immediately when earning more skill XP in quick succession—for example, when harvesting a cluster of gatherables.

  • Hover state added to scrollbar handles

  • Hover state animations sped up globally, should make the UI feel snappier