(CLOSED) wrongful perma banned on re-enabling of AH/TP

Happened to my brother today and I am simply posting this out of pure frustration. Apologies for the long read if you decide to do so. Forgive me if there are any typos, I had a long day and it is quite late at the time of typing this.

edit: We do not family share. We live in the same house. We have our own PCs and Steam accounts.

edit 2: This post is simply for more awareness to the issue of wrongful bans, especially perma bans. I will encourage my brother to keep on customer service.

edit 3: Was unbanned today after 2 days of appealing. compared to others that had to appeal for 1+ week(s) I can’t be upset, and my brother is quite happy as well. Thank you AGS, I was wrong for having no faith in the system after hearing of the experiences of other players. Please continue the hard work, and my sincere apologies.

edit 4: I’m not sure how to work forums too well, so I don’t know if this should be deleted or something, although I’d like to remember this experience. Help is appreciated.

He was a level 60 with around 800 something hours. Yeah that’s a LOT I know, but he’s been grinding this game hard. He finally finished crafting his own voidbent set (ONE set btw. No extra void ores/ingots to sell or anything) about a week ago, and it took him WEEKS to gather all the material and top off the required crafting levels for Voidbent armor. I’d pop in and see how it was going many times while he was mining veins and watching shows on a 2nd monitor, and 2/5 times I’d say he would be getting griefed by at least one person. About 3 days ago he decided he’d pick up fishing since he was bored and just wanted to relax after grinding voidbent and watermark since reaching the “endgame”. I did tell him that he should be careful, since I’ve heard the stories / seen the posts about fishers getting reported and griefed all the time, and he said that since he’s lvl 60 no one should think that he’s a bot, and to even more sure he decided to equip the voidbent helm while fishing. But all that wasn’t good enough apparently. Whether it was due to mass reporting or AGS’s “non-automated moderation system”, it’s ridiculous. If it was that amazing system, the only activities that could be picked up as suspicious is mining and fishing. AGS made a post saying the minimap is okay to use, so that can’t be the reason either. And it’s definitely not duping, he didn’t even purchase any of those luck trophies that people were selling for cheap since people who knew earlier bought them all off the market anyways, and he can’t even craft his own trophies since he hasn’t reached anywhere near that level in furnishing. He participates in wars sometimes, and we both queue for OPR more often, and have come across all kinds of exploiters. If I log on today and see the same specific axe/food exploiters and known griefers/dupers, and the same folks that are STILL HERE after being notorious for intentionally abusing the old hatchet/axe/hammer/macro exploits. I’m going to be so done. I get this is a new game okay, and I get that this studio is new, but can that even be used as an excuse anymore for things like this? I personally don’t think so. Please forgive the rant but dang man. Moving on, I asked if he tried to appeal, and according to him he’s been unfortunately met with the regular amazon customer service bots/employees. If they are real people then it seems they just copy/paste the same unhelpful messages, as I’ve seen many times in posts from others that are dealing with similar issues as this. I told him to keep at it, but that’s all he can even do at this point, unless they say they won’t respond to any messages regarding the issue like that one post I saw earlier on here. Then what? 800 hours and ALL that work down the drain? I can’t even imagine, I’m already upset and it’s not even my account. Absolutely ridiculous.

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There is an appeals process. If he did nothing wrong he should not need to worry.


Then don’t cheat?

It gets so tiring reading ‘friends/family’ coming here complaining about a friend being banned, giving long-winded explanations of how they know the person didn’t cheat. I feel like I’m back in high school listening to people giving ridiculous excuses for not doing homework where we all eye roll and move on.

I really wish Amazon would simply ban discussion of specific bans and give a 24-hour ban to people who try appealing to forum outrage.

On the other hand, these posts are confirmation that bans are working and hitting their mark!

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I can understand that a lot of people think everyone that gets banned as deserving of the ban, since they never experience any wrong. Just cause it doesn’t happen to you doesn’t mean it’s not a problem. Also, I’m happy to let you know that he was unbanned today after they further investigated his account.

You have such a flawed mindset, though I hope you can become open to growth. Have a GREAT day RGiskard.

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Honestly I had no faith in the appeal process after hearing people’s experiences with it. Turns out I was wrong, as support actually took their time to look into his account and unban him after seeing there was no reason to. Today’s a good day, and my faith in the game is partially restored aha. Thanks for the reply.

You came here posting a rant about how your brother was unjustly banned.

  1. Posting here about a ban is not the way to start an appeal and will have ZERO impact on the appeal process.

  2. Posting here about a ban does nothing but cause discontent and spread misinformation.

  3. You posted negatively about AGS and the appeal process before your brother even completed the process.

  4. I don’t know you and I have no reason to trust anything you say, anymore than you know me or have any reason to trust what I say. NOTHING ANYONE posts can be taken at face value.

  5. AGS is here to make money. They don’t want to ban people. If I have to choose between trusting AGS or a person complaining that they were ‘unjustly’ banned, I’ll choose to believe AGS. In my experience, a lot of people actually believe they shouldn’t be banned for things that are clearly bannable; and a lot of people will never admit to doing things they know are bannable.

Given the above, I believe (rightly or wrongly) that the majority of people starting threads to complain about unjust bans are just trying to get sympathy and cause discontent as revenge for being banned. If someone banned has gone through the appeal process and the ban was upheld, then as far as I’m concerned they broke TOS/COC/etc.

Ask yourself - if you hadn’t been reading all of these posts about ‘unjust’ bans, would you have gone into the process with such a negative opinion on the outcome? Your original post was no different and did nothing but contribute to misinformation around the appeal process.

Other than bans caused by anti-cheat software, all bans are done by AGS people. As people, they can make mistakes, hence the appeal process. I’m glad your brother had his ban reversed, assuming he really didn’t break TOS/etc. But that doesn’t change that your original post didn’t belong here in the first place and only served to further push the false narrative that there’s an issue with AGS issuing unjust bans and the appeals process not working.

TL;DR “i was wrong, but i don’t like the way it sounds, so i’ll try to lecture you”

Yooo the ban system is broken me similar situation I play with my bro same room and always same party in-game but suddenly due to mass report he got ban for 24 h after a week me and him got about total off 600k gold then suddenly he got ban again 7 days and right after 7 day not even having a chance to enter the game again he got permanent ban, the devs don’t explain why he got ban cause I know we been selling alot of trophy mats but we didn’t do any of the exploit from start

Hint: the reason for the ban wasn’t ‘mass report’. He either cheated, broke coc (eg, was toxic in chat), or the AGS employee who investigated made a mistake. A small minority of bans fall in the latter category, and he had the appeal process available if that were the case.

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