Closing my topic so players can't read you guys are banning people without reason, smooth!

So this evening i made a post about an issue a friend has. The answer was to close my topic and redirect me to the ban appeal page. You think he hasn’t tried that? He did, 4 TIMES!!! And each time it’s the same automated answer. And to be honest with you i don’t feel safe spending hundreds of hours in a game knowing tomorrow this could happen to me. Or any other player that never used a bot in his life, an exploit or a macro. You guys don’t take us serious. While for you he might just be another number, for us means so much more. So please help us out, no one else seems to care.


Its unbeliavable to me that you guys actually closed the topic!
Did you even read the original post?! This is one of the worst customer support i ever experienced anywhere, honestly!


I really don’t get where the confusion is. Forum mods can’t help you. They have said they simply DO NOT have the tools to aid you in any way (in other posts just like yours).
Other forum goers like me can’t help you.
Thus, that thread being open serves no purpose.
You will not hear the answer you want to hear. You will not get a resolution here on the forums so why have it open? For that matter, why have this one open?


Yeah so first they are not forum mods, they are customer services, as their title says.
They DO have the tools to help us as in they are able to escalate problems encountered within the game to whomever it may concerns in the company.
There is a problem in the ban process and ban appeal process, the only way to make it known to the company and to others is by the forums. Thus this thread serves a purpose.
Thx for coming to my TED talk.


Hope this helps.

Yeah you can quote so other responses from customer service, that doesnt make it more ok from a customer standpoint.
The so called “contact the support” gets you an automatic reply from a robot.
So I expect the customer service to give answer and escalate the issue. And so should you btw, as a customer and player of this game care about things that are broken.


That IS why I linked the first one. The feedback that it needs to be better has been heard and is being escalated.

I’m not saying your complaint is invalid. Just saying it’s been said so much they have heard it (with proof), and that you’re not going to get an answer any different than the others (also with proof).

Well if it has happened alot and they have heared it they havent change a thing. And how is this gonna help all the people that got banned without a reason? What would u do if this happened to you or your friends? It’s not a few days ban, it’s permanent ban!

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Well the only way to make things move is to make noise otherwise it gets under the pile of million different problems the team has to deal with.
So that is what makes those post valuable.

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Please do not use the forums to appeal bans on other player accounts. We do not have the ability to help you in the forums and we cannot provide you details on someone else’s account.