Coin duping bans and actions

No hate or anything, I just want to clarify, I may have missed something, or if there are still ban waves to come, will delete post if I just missed the thread for this

Base on the explanation by dev, it looks like to me that the they only banned the initiator of the dupe? Now my questions are

  1. What about the receiver of the duplicated coins/items? Are they banned too?

  2. What about the crafted items using the duplicated items/coins, what happened to them? Rollback, or deleted?

  3. What about the duplicated items in the trading post if it ever make it there, what are the actions taken, the coins gained from selling them

  4. What about the duplicated items in the storages? Was it removed?

  5. What about dupe coins that are deposited to companies? And used to craft items for their advantage

  6. A duper bought raw materials in AH from money they got through duping. Will this gold be removed from AH sellers (they can’t know where money came from!)? - Aleshanea

Just worried because trading post is returning again, they may just re-dump the duplicated coin/items

Community manager, developers please enlighten us, thanks you

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Good questions. Should be answered.

you gonna call for wipes if the answer is no to some points? <_<

i mean…tbh some of those points are kind of gamebreaking or economy breaking at least

The main problem is that some companies have gorged themselves with gold and equipment. So if they only ban the few members who have participated in their fortune (def ban I hope), these players will quickly be back on their feet by their company + the company will keep its huge advantage over fair companies.

For me: definitive ban for players with significant duplicated items and golds and removal of companies with +10% banished members (neutral territories for their territories).

Get that banhammer swangin and clanging!

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People are reporting that:

  1. The offender duping is banned.
  2. Crafted items using duped materials are removed.
  3. Gold duped is removed.

Doesn’t matter where or when in the process. It is removed. Sad for those that lose items they thought they crafted legitimately, good for the overall health of the game.


No wipes please, just wanted to know if they can trace those kind of things, cause if not then we have to file support tickets for manual bans on players/companies we know duplicated but are still in the server

Oh nice, liking it so far, thanks for the updates!

One more question/scenario:
A duper bought raw materials in AH from money they got through duping. Will this gold be removed from AH sellers (they can’t know where money came from!)?

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sadly they won’t do anything. The only thing they have done so far is 24 hour ban. You get banned for the same amount of time if you say to someone he is an idiot or if you abusing game mechanics, duping, cheating, boting, etc. Ban is 24 hours for gold dupers. Those scumbags are laughing and they stated they will do it again because this company are full of IMBECILES. Streamers now encourage other fair players to do the same. You abuse ingame mechanics for 1 month to get 24 hours ban? I only blame this company not the players. With harsh punishment people won’t do it with this imbecile company 24 hour ban policy is just …

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Very likely yes, if they are indeed removing items as people claim, they’ll certainly remove any duped gold currently in circulation.

stop spreading false informations.
Until AG doesn’t state this it’s just a guess from a random guy like you

There are multiple threads and screenshots showing the 24 hour bans on streamers who have used these exploits. The information is correct.

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I’ve seen a few people complaining about losing large amounts of gold as of this morning. To me it sounds like they’re removing the dupped gold from the game. It sucks cause these people will most likely never be compensated back for the materials that sold on the markets, or they will have to wait a long time for AGS to do investigations and replace the missing items bought. That may also not happen, like in other MMORPGs when there’s a gold dupe issue. Sometimes it’s just gone and you have to deal with it.

Yes it can be traced. All these items and gold are just a number in a database and all databases have logs. Now the extent of those logs is unknown. It could be incredibly poor logs that just tell us x number was entered in at x time. It could also be incredibly detailed logs like, X user at x time entered x amount of x item into x account.

But to answer you plainly, yes those things can be tracked.

You guys trust too much those streamers that lies on your face

Any who duped coin should loose all the coin they duped and put them into negative X amount if they spent more than they duped lol.
If items were duped subtract ah value from there coin too. Gold might cap at 500k or what not but negative gold shouldn’t lol
Negative a million gold well ur fkem fault lol work it off :stuck_out_tongue:

there are also some voidbent that cannot be traded at all,

You might want to re-read my post. I stated there are threads showing the actions, I have no interaction with the streamers in question (in fact I don’t follow streamers period).

Calm down with the animosity.