[COMBAT BUG] Ultimate Chill is reducing armor and increasing damage

  • What is your character name in New World: Penguin Waddles
  • What server/world did you experience your issue on: Adlivin
  • Describe the issue you are experiencing: Sources of increase damage from x damage type calculate incorrectly (ultimate chill primarily, need to test rend).
  • Is this a bug or an exploit: Bug
  • (if a bug) How did the issue effect your gameplay: This bug almost completely negates the value of wearing armor.
  • (if a bug) Were you able to recover from the issue: N/A, on going bug.
  • (if a bug) Please include a screenshot or video of the issue that you have experienced:
  • What are the steps to reproduce the issue as you experienced:
    Use an ice gauntlet with ultimate chill. Apply ultimate chill and compare damage to damage without ultimate chill.

Ultimate chill increases ice damage received by the target by 35%. The expect result of this is the follow:

1000 dmg sent to target affected by ult chill with 50% mitigation.
500 dmg is mitigated leaving 500.
500 is increased by 35% dealing 675 dmg.

What actually happens is something like this:
1000 dmg sent to target affected by ult chill with 50% mitigation.
Ult chill reduces target’s mitigation to 27% via unknown means.
1000 dmg is increased by 35% to 1350
365 dmg is mitigated by 27% dealing 985.5
985.5 damage is applied to target.

In my testing I had a friend with ice gauntlet attack me while fully armored and naked with no attributes to see if ultimate chill preformed as expected. Below is the data.

Ice gauntlet is naked, I am wearing full voidbent.

Ice Storm
43 -43 is the 1st tick without ult chill, 50% mitigation
63 -24 is the 2nd tick with ult chill, 27.5% mitigation
43 to 63 is an increase of 35% which is what we were expecting. The method of achieving the increase is done via reducing mitigation values which has profound effects on other skills.

Light attack without ultimate chill
263 -263, 50% mitigation as expected

Light attack with ultimate chill
411 -155, 27.4% mitigation again

Damage increase between the two is 56%. This is done solely with ult chill. The bonus gets more ridiculous the more bonuses you add on leading to upwards of a 100%+ increase in damage.

Fully geared both.

Ice Storm
110 -110 is the 1st tick without ult chill, 50% mitigation
153 -58 is the 2nd tick with ult chill, 27.5% mitigation
110 to 153 is an increase of 39% which is what we were expecting considered he is fully built so there might be a multiplier or two hidden.

Light attack without ultimate chill
666 -666, 50% mitigation as expected

Light attack with ultimate chill
1352 -513, 27.5% mitigation again

A massive 100% increase in damage from a single debuff which states it increase damage by 35%!


perfect-- its as i suspected

ive posted here that im feelingthat armor mitigations arent working, and it seems like heavy, medium, and light armor all have the same resisits.

the incorrect damage values associated with inflated damage like this could be the cause.

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Indeed, I thought something was up but couldnt tell until I started reviewing recordings of combat. I noticed a consistent behavior of ice damage flat out ignoring armor despite not having armor reducing effects. The calculation makes no sense and I have not be able to derive the formula they are using. It seems damage is appearing out of no where. Perhaps something is being double dipped.

this could be why im seeing many people in heavy armor getting 100-0 very quickly-- myself included, and im a heavy healer.

in that 2nd screen shot-- is are those ice storm ticks for 800 to 900?

Those were from ice spikes I think. That was taken from a war so very hectic but the start of my suspicion something was wrong. In one of the screenshots you can see a physical hit for 914 - 1270 strike while simultaneously getting hit for 838 -480 ice. My physical and elemental resistances are the same.

lol notice how there is very little community traction on this atm, as when somehting is DPS related-- its OK,

but when people have a hard time killing a healer that’s not ok.


You stated that the light attack was 1352, but in the video you linked he’s clearly doing a fully charged heavy.

So you’re final msg, “A massive 100% increase in damage” is comparing a light attack without the debuff, to a fully charged heavy with the debuff…


Yeah exactly. Especially when the Hatchet bug was going on nobody cared. Oh wait… EVERYONE CARED!

We get it, you’re a healer. Stop feeling sorry for yourself.


Good catch! There is a light attack earlier in the video which crits for 1321 -703 but I did not want to use that one due to resilience affecting the hit. I will correct this error when my friend logs in tonight.

The main point still stands that Ultimate Chill massively increases damage beyond the stated 35% increase.

Ice gauntlet is definitely bugged damage and the CC is buggy too.

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Bump, the more people see this the more New ice gauntlet mains we will see…lol

Pls fix.

I noticed in the clip that weakening gust also procs at the same time a ult chill which increases incoming dam by 10%. I also noted that he does a heavy in there wich gives you Frostbite for 1 sec. he then light attacks while you’re in frost bite which gives -10% mit if he’s specced into frigid showers. this would account for an additional 20% that doesn’t seem to be considered within your post. I’m not sure of the damage calc, where it applies the +/- and in what order.

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First tick doesn’t count for : Ultimate chill or Malachite (which all ice gauntlet people use).



A bug would be if hits (auto-attack) outside (from different player) Ice gauntlet were also increased.

It’s easy to test and your screen shot doesn’t show that.

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Yep, probably malachite related. My testing shows it works exactly as expected.
My ice gauntlet ticks on a target with full voidbent, no ultimate chill: 85
With ultimate chill: 112
I have a diamond, and was full health. So 74 base damage, increased 15% is 85. The ultimate chill perk seems to be an additive increase in damage, because 112=74*(1.15+0.35), or within rounding error.

The issue at hand is not the ticks of damage with Ice Storm. Its the method it uses to calculate the damage and how that affects other abilities. Id like to focus on why the mitigated damage fluctuates with Ultimate Chill. No damage bonus such as malachite, Punishing Storm, etc has this effect.

If a player has 50% mitigation then that 50% mitigation should be represented in the flying numbers in the form of white text. However, in the tests you can clearly see Ultimate Chill is affecting mitigation which would be a hidden bonus on top of the increased total damage.

Additionally, the ice gauntlet is not socketed with Malachite. So that point is null and void.

My light attacks also worked like they should. You’re probably missing something, maybe reduced damage on full hp with con, or maybe the fact that ice storm is bugged to always apply the 10% bonus damage, not just when they are below 50% (and to all your damage, not just ice storm damage).

But I tested with light attacks too, and the numbers worked out exactly like they should (regarding ultimate chill specifically, ice gauntlet has other bugs that affect damage).

LA during ice storm, no ultimate chill: 629
LA during ice storm, yes ultimate chill: 829

here a video–this guy is very good at explaining what is or is not working

he hasnt touched on issue of this post yet

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This is why you can determine the effects of Ultimate Chill by comparing the first tick to second tick. The main difference between those ticks is a decrease in mitigation by a constant amount. A decrease in mitigation may result in a 35% increase in damage for one ability but as so as you use a different ability the increase in damage skyrockets.

For example against a 50% mitigation target:
Ice Storm does 200 dmg

First tick will be reduced by 50%
100 -100

Second Tick would recalculate mitigations to get a 35% increase
135 -65

All follow up hits seem to use this recalculated mitigation value as long as ultimate chill is applied in addition to having damage increases.

Yep just getting absolutely shredded in outpost rush by teams with 15 players using ice gauntlet. Unplayable as a tank now.

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