Combat is completely broken

Combat needs to be completely reworked.

Melee, especially GA, WH, and GS are just completely invulnerable during their abilities. stuns don’t even work. With the changes to melee hits, how the hell are you supposed to dodge 3 spammed abilitites, and even more attacks and then fight back.

Has a single AGS employee ever even played this game?


Yes. They play GA/WH and now GS to probably. Why asking?


Stuns work, but staggers don’t. Grit is the culprit for a lot of this. GS can be staggered out of most abilities, WH is so telegraphed you can literally set an appointment to stun them, and GA can be kited indefinitely

What are you playing, if I may ask?

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The combat is completely broken as you say, the developers don’t play their own game, that’s why the pvp is a disaster like now


im not saying this in anger or anything. im 100% serious when i say i think they dont play their game. not even a single person having anything to do with designing the game plays the game. which would be understandable if they at least would have a working relationship with their top players. (big EU companies for example - i think they expressed interest in workingg together multiple times. this would be incredible for the game. idk why they arent doing this.)


Anyone who reaches level 60 and PvP for at least 10 days notices broken things… musket, bow, sword, axe, heal, light armor… . If they played it, they wouldn’t wait for the community to fill the forum with dislikes

Even just looking at their data (death rate, damage and healing numbers, how many times people using those weapons die) they’d say things are BROKEN, but weeks and months go by and we’ll get to a year with things broken that shouldn’t. be.


Stuns don’t work. My vault kicks are just bouncing off of people not in Stoneform.

With people running 5 freedom, light spear is not in a good spot right now

Even when you connect with vault kick, you have a fraction of a second to follow it up, sometimes not even enough to get a sweep off.

If you want to lock someone down, hammer/sns is def your best bet, but the meta for light melee at least on my server is high burst/high mobility and the cc be damned cuz dead things don’t need cc

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