Combat is Ridiculous

Not saying this because I’m some expert but been playing MMO’s since SWG. Combat in this game is absolutely ridiculous. A player spams a and d and even though you are right on top of them you can’t hit them.

Now before the kids off school say get good or all the other stuff, how anyone can argue that this game’s combat isn’t one of the worst in MMO history is simply lying.

The lag in pvp is horrendous. That video shown on here about the misses is a clear example of just how stupid combat is.

You get a 300 con void player just running around with 6 players on them and can’t kill them. These rate as some of the worst developers I’ve seen.

I got like 700 hours into the game so I did get my money’s worth but Amazon games won’t be seeing another cent from me.

Bot filled, bugg riddled, cheater supporting piece of crap dumpster fire this thing is.


We already knew this in the first weeks. Still no action against cheaters who used wiggle-your-window invincibility cheats around Update 1.0.2… Plus all the additional new exploits that showed up literally once a week at least.

Amazon is too busy pushing out new features to even work on their bug list. Server merges are a quick fix to get players playing again but I think they’ll have to merge again by Q2 because underlying issues haven’t been addressed – cheating, exploiting, bugs, and simply bad game design.


Sir you sounds mad, perhaps you should play another game. I PVP often and have no trouble hitting other players… I dunno dude… aim better. Maybe WoW is more your speed, they have targeted combat there. :smiley: Hope you can hit your targets better that way!!! Good luck :smiley:


What weapon combo do you use?

If you’re a ranged, stop trolling. Your hit boxes on down targets are way better than the constant wiffs GA and hammer has to go through.

It is AN ISSUE on getting kill confirms as melee

How about we quit with the “go play another game” response. With all the posts about this issue with pvp, it is a legitimate complaint. Or do you really want even MORE players to leave the game?


I shan’t stop with the play another game comments, if you dont like what you are playing… play something else. The mmorpg market is flooded with games, come back later after a break. MORE players will leave and MORE players will come. Its how mmorpgs work.

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So, lets just flame players who are having issues with the game in the meantime. Got it.

OP, you should play another game. Trust me.


He’s talking about melee desync not aiming, something every melee players knows is a huge problem and has nothing to do with skill, just bad servers.


Just don’t. He needs to look cool in front of the other white knights.

Correct. Germzy gets it.

But ya combat is just funny at this point between rubber banding, wars freezing, crazy op void gauntlet, being stuck in ice wall for 5 years, and people being able to literally just walk away from melee attacks.

Oh, and let’s not forget our friend the slow bug.


Ffiv to make me believe again.

I love this game but I agree with you. What I did some months ago to get over this feeling and just enjoy the game (even though the things you mention can get very frustrating) was to pretend the game is in open beta and you get to keep your progression. Having that mentality have got me to focus on what is fun while I more or less ignore the negative bugs etc as I know they will (probably) be fixed eventually. It’s only a beta after all :wink:


The lag and weapon balance needs to be fixed, granted.

But NW is miles ahead of all the tab targeting MMOs out there.


I loved it for the first month. The. The scam artists showed their heads. Companies getting ripped off the cheating and the bugs. This was going to be my game for 2022 so despite what the get Get gud idiots say I have a right to be disappointed over real issues.


A lot of new cool stuff is coming next year in January and they mentioned that in February specifically they will focus on bots and bugs. Later on we will probably get arenas and more pvp content.

So right now is the time to relax and see what happens because a lot of stuff will happen.

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Not saying this because I’m some expert but been playing MMO’s since SWG so I am an expert.


“…in spite of all that! And NOW im mad.”

What took so long??

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sounds like someone got teabagged on today rofl


That is just a damn lie and you know it.

No, we wont. If you are not having fun in the game, then this game isnt for you.

There are real issues in the game. Some of these so called “issues” are just “I dont like it that way!” And if you arent having fun why play?