Combat Jankiness

I want to provide the best feedback possible in regard to the topic. I cant be the only one that notices that combat feels “off”. For example I feel like at times hits are not hitting, I’m teleporting around or getting teleported around. Getting hit slightly after or before enemy animations. All these things and more I think boil down to the fact that when we attack we are moving or our character model moves forward with most attacks, this combined with enemies staggering us or knocking us down can cause certain complexities for the server making it difficult for it to keep track of your player position and making the overall combat experience very unenjoyable.

Please let me know if anyone else knows what im talking about or is feeling something similar. (honestly it reminds me of the wolves in alpha and beta, how they would teleport when attacking you)

Sounds like you have a very laggy internet connection. These issues don’t exist for me.

Its not my personal internet connection, latency is not the cause of these issues. Maybe im expecting a level of polish that doesn’t exist, not saying it cant get there, but something is flawed and not sure what specifically is the cause.

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