Combat needs fluidity improvements

As I familiarize myself with things like weapon swapping and maximizing ability use, I find that there are some glaring fluidity issues with combat. Here are a few examples and some suggestions:

  • Some abilities only begin to cool down after their duration period is over. Abilities that are instantly cast and require no active channeling should begin cooling down after somesort of GCD and not when the duration period is over.

  • Abilities like Flurry that are interrupted even before they cause damage immediately go back on full cooldown. This is ok when you have a bigger toolkit with lots of spammable abilities like in Guild Wars 2 or WoW. However, with only 6 abilities (3 per weapon) which almost all have a 5s+ cooldown, if an ability is interrupted before it causes damage it should imho only be silenced for a % of the cooldown instead of making you use your ability for its full cooldown.

  • Abilities like Evade should act as a “Blink”-like ability and put you behind the target if you have the W key pressed down, instead of just doing nothing like when you dodge into a target. Sure, this is a get good moment, but I think some design improvement would add some additional mobility and flavor to these types of abilities.

  • The GCD on swapping weapons after casting an ability is what feels really bad to me. This GCD is super obvious after you (example) cast an Ice Storm and then want to switch to your melee weapon to start hacking away at the other person while they’re being CCed by your ability. I thought maybe this was a me issue but after watching sweaty players struggle with this as well, I think the sentiment is somewhat generalized.

  • Finally, there are many unnecessary and uninterruptible recovery animations that imho greatly affect the game’s fluidity. The game is trying to be fast-paced but then has these types of animations that bog down gameplay. Also, taking advantage of these recoveries in PvP does not feel like it is a crucial part of combat like it is in Dark Souls (example), and the animations that can be cancelled are so easy to do that it doesn’t even add any real complexity or mastery.

Overall I still think combat is fun and intuitive. However, I feel like it still requires some of the fine-tuning described above.

What combat needs most is command queueing. This is 2021 not 1990. Ridiculous!

100% Spot On!

The animations locking after skills is terrible, and even after the animation is complete you are still frozen for a moment. This is animation design straight from 2003! Animation locking in a 2021 MMO is even more proof that the developers and coders of this game have no clue what they are doing.

Also, weapon swapping is horrible! Even with no cooldown, trying to swap weapons in combat is at best a 50/50 shot. Sometimes the game will simply decide not to swap weapons. So, you press swap again and your character then swaps TWICE, right back to the first weapon.

I am pretty sure Amazon Games recruited a bunch of unpaid high school interns to code this garbage.

Queueable commands only work when you have an actual GCD.

Actually, after doing some testing it feels like the weapon swap only occurs when you fully press down on your swap key. If you only partially or quickly press your key it doesn’t seem to register most of the time, especially if you’re in combat, where even just light attacks seem to interrupt your swap lol. This might be an attempt at realism but imho it’s just frustrating.

this. The whole combat frankly feels like some amateur made it. Take a hint from BDO, FF14 or similar MMOS on how to make good combat.

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