Combat responsiveness feels AWFUL after latest patch

The latest patch which introduced buffer windows or whatever…

All I can say is, combat feels AWFUL after that.

I use IG/FS, and so many times I am spamming autos, then I would want to cast Ice Shower to save myself from divers, and I would spam the Shower key, but my character would still be casting 1-2 times after I stopped pressing LMB, only to cast Ice Shower two seconds later. Already too late, and I am dead.

Something about the input queueing seems seriously messed up. It sometimes works, almost too well. Sometimes it doesn’t. I don’t even know how to describe the issue correctly because of just how inconsistent and wonky it feels.

New World is such a skill-based combat game, but if combat is this unresponsive where everything feels clunky, floaty, and not reactive, I am not sure what to say. When I duel, PVP, War, OPR, etc, I feel like I am not fighting my enemy, but the combat system. I find myself having to slow down my play so the combat will keep up with my movement, chaining, combos, etc. In a skill-based combat game, that really makes no sense to me.

PLEASE do something about whatever it is you guys changed during the buffer window change. Combat feels AWFUL.



Bump for visibility.


The game feels janky af… More and more… I swear both beta experiences were better than this current jank

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Buffer windows? I thought it was lag. Anyway, AGS managed to break something again. Like OP said, you stop pressing LMB but your character makes one more lightattack in many cases. This is ruining skillful gameplay.


I was just going to create the same topic. Game feels so awful I don’t wanna play anymore. It’s not fun. I don’t have any control over my character. And it’s just not the input que/lag. I swing through players. Get rubberbanded. Teleported. Spin around on one foot while stamina bar flashes between grey and yellow. Everything is inconsistent. Weaponswap bug. The list goes on. The performance of the game is at it’s worst.

It’s not rewarding trying to get better, since as you said “it feels like you are fighting the combat system”. And tbh even in OPRs and Wars when I perform good, it’s always a thought in the back of my mind “Maybe the enemy just got unlucky with bugs?”.

Are we going to see some engine update or something in that direction?


I’ll spam this in every thread if thats what needed to fix this sh*tshow.


Agreed so much.

yea, they messed something up. The game is less fun to play, for sure.

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100% the “buffer” added in the December patch was a mistake. It didn’t cause the desync/lag problems, but it definitely made everything worse.

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I didn’t notice so many issues until that update.

100% OPR is just awful lately, not only the buffer windows, but the teleporting and lag from the servers combined just make combat a terrible experience since the latest patch, something is broken for sure.

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The buffer shit they added is clunky garbage.
Makes playing the game just feel unenjoyable.

Clunky, unpolished, unresponsive, not smooth, doesnt flow ect.

Games that stick around and turn into dynasties tend to get the small stuff like this correct.
AGS needs to remedy that.

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i dont think the devs care anymore.

this is a serious issue and should of been already. the combat system feels slow and janky.

Owell guess I’ll wait for the next patch

All of this… And it’s just getting unbearable. I used to do OPR all night after work it’s the main reason I play the game. Now I suffer my 2 gypsum runs and log the fuck off. It’s just not fun anymore.

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Agree, the Buffer windows/client-side whatever change they made its horrible.

Had a duel in OPR contesting portal to turn in brute, I ended up losing the 1v1 I was ahead of just because my weapon swapped was bugging 3 consecutive times in a row, casting abilities I didn’t mean to use then ended up dying as a result of it and lost hundreds of azoth. God it was so tempting to Alt+f4 and uninstall the game and never return again lol. It’s not like the first time I lost an important fight because the game don’t want to function properly too.

They need a thread for “Known combat responsiveness issues thread” because there’s countless of them, holy shit just remembering some of them makes me wanna take a very long break from this game and hope that Ashes of Creation does a better job when it goes live.

I gotta say I agree with almost everything in this thread lol. When I switch my weapons I want to switch NOW not in 5 seconds when the game decides it’s finally time to switch my weapons, and then you have to see whether or not it actually switched, or if it just changed the skills with your original weapon still equipped.